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MD12 Reviews Trail of the Twister

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  • MD12 Reviews Trail of the Twister

    ​Nancy Drew is once again on her 22nd adventure to Oklahoma to investigate the machines that have been malfunctioning. The maker of the machines, P.G. Krolmeister hired Nancy to go undercover as an intern for storm chasers in the countryside. Who is the one who is sabotaging the chase team?

    This game follows the plot well. I think it's a pretty cool game to try to figure out what is happening in one of the most dangerous storm places. I give this plot 10/10.

    Sets in a countryside in Oklahoma. Now, I haven't been to the state or anywhere in Tornado Alley so I don't know much about tornadoes in real life although I have gotten a tornado warning before and I learn a lot about tornadoes in this game.

    I say the setting was pretty good. I'm not really into a lot of country area (I'm more like a city gal) but there may be some places in the country I would enjoy, like something like the one in this game!

    It would have been nice to see other buildings but I say the ones in the game were pretty good. I give the setting 9/10.

    Scott Vernell -- He's the leader of the chase team and doesn't seem to be a people person. Or is he hiding something?

    Debbie Kircum -- Second in command. Takes her job very seriously. Could she be too serious to sabotage the team?

    Chase Relerford -- The mechanic guy. Could he be the culprit, breaking things and trying to fix them up to cover his tracks?

    Frosty Harlow -- storm photographer. Tends to get real close to the storm to get good pictures. Could he be trying to get rid of the team and make money to get his dreams com true?

    Pa -- Owner of Ma n Pa's General Store. Knew everyone in town. Could he be hiding something hidden in his store?

    Trying to hard to not spoil too much but I say the characters were well done! I don't really have a favorite character as I liked all of them! Although Scott can be hard to read... I say HeR writers did amazing with them and it wasn't too many and not too few but it would be nice to hear from another character or two.

    Also, the phone characters were fun. You get to call your boss, P.G. Krolmeister. If you have played other games, you would see the name "Krolmeister" in lots of products! I love how HeR brought the founder of these products to life! And you get to call the Hardy boys who are also solving their own mystery elsewhere! 10/10!

    Scare Factor
    Not too too scary, unless you don't like tornadoes or mice... I would give scare factor a 2/10, not super spooky.

    I say this is a great game. Sure, there's wasn't much mystery and suspense but I enjoyed the setting and the characters very much. At first, it was an okay game but when I re-played it not too long ago, it became one of my favorite games.

    I had just realized that what I love about mysteries is not the puzzles or the suspense but about the characters and the setting. I guess it's the scenery. Being outside a lot was really good. I would give this game 10/10 even though there wasn't much scareness or adventurous.
    ~ MD12 ~