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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

    Come rate this game for us and give us your overall opinion. We want to know. You can make your vote and then either post and explain why you rated it as you did (without game event or cultprit name/gender spoilers). OR just provide us with a link to a past review you may have written. This is meant to be helpful to all those gamers who may not have played this game yet and come here to find out what we thought of it. So keep that in mind when posting please. Thank you!!

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    I enjoyed playing it,
    but I felt that there was not
    enough character development
    and far too many puzzles.

    I didn't really like how we were
    told everything to do. Every
    time we woke up!

    We needed more time and
    opportunities to just
    explore through people's stuff!
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      I thought it was good. There were hard puzzles but not too many. And there was a good group of characters.

      But it wasn't really spooky/scary and the ending was sort of "blah". I was not keen on the way the characters looked, Scott's beard and Frosty's baldness were rather odd looking.

      The music was awesome though, and I loved all the cloud formations.

      All in all, good but not one of my favorites.
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        I really liked this game. It my new favorite! My Review.
        I guess what makes this game so great is the
        transportation, characters and the awesome
        graphics! HeR did a great job with everything!
        Obviously, I gave it a 10.
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          I absolutely loved this game! It's one of my favorites!
          Here's My Review of it. HeR did an awesome job with this game! I gave it a 10!!


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            here is the review I wrote,

            Thanks for valuing our opinion!
            I've heard the secret that killed I've stayed tuned for danger I've received a message in a haunted mansionI've found treasure in a royal tower I've watched the final sceneI've uncovered the secret of the scarlet hand I've been chased by the the ghost dogs of Moon Lake I've ridden the haunted carousel I've found danger on Deception Island I've ridden the horse haunting Shadow Ranch I've witnessed the curse of Blackmoor Manor I've unwound the secret of the old clock I've struck truth on the last train to Blue Moon Canyon I've found danger by design I've discovered the creature hunting Kapu cave I've seen through the eyes of the Crystal Skull I've stolen for the phantom of Venice I've used the luck of the Irish to solve the haunting at Castle Malloy I've found the treasure of the Seven Ships I've ignored the warning given to me at Waverly AcademyI've chased a villain into the trail of a twister I've shed light on the shadow at the water's edge I've escaped the captive curse I've seen my alibi go up in ashes I've unearthed the tomb of the Lost Queen I've escaped the strike of the deadly design I've escaped the same fate as the ghost of Thorton Hall I've heard the silent spy I've reassembled the shattered medallion I've found my way out of the labyrinth of lies And I've navigated the sea of darkness


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              I enjoyed the game. I rated it a 8 though because it lacked somethings. I wrote a review on it!


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                Here is my review: clickk hereee :D


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                  gave it a rating of 7. Pretty good game for the most part, their was just something missing. I can't put my finger on it though.
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                  ~ It's a pretty good game, ~ I love love love this game!!! , ~ defenitly not one of my faves.


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                    I gave it a 5. I really did not like this one very much. I thought the plot was redundant, sabotage? We've seen it too many times. Also I did not like the fact that all the game basically consisted of was tasks/puzzles, which some were okay, but it just got boring & some were very difficult. Also, very little snooping involved. Not one of my favorites.
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                      I rated it 6. I didn't dislike the game, but it was a LOT of tasks, and I thought it could've used more snooping, suspense, and action.
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                        My 2 cents!!

                        I gave it a 7 because I didn't like who the villian turned out too be, way to obvious for my liking. I would have chosen someone else!!Also, it took forever to earn enough Pa Pennies to get the easter egg!! Other than that. I thought the cloud and tornado graphics were great!!


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                          I really liked this game! Its deffinatly one of my favorites.
                          I felt that it was different than the other games and it deffinatly had a unique story and very interesting puzzles.
                          It lacked a little in the scare area but that didn't bother me too much. It isn't really supposed to be a scary game.
                          The graphics and animation were FANTASTIC deffinatly the best of all the games so far.
                          I would say that for a game many people had low expectations for [not myself included] it turned out pretty well.


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                            This game was really dissapointing. I gave it a 1. It was not one of my favorites. The endless jobs and puzzles were really annoying.
                            `•-•* .)..) There are some doors,
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                              I really enjoyed TOT. It was fun to play and I loved the puzzles, they fit into the plot very well. Nancy is an intern for this game so doing a lot of jobs for others fit it well with plot. Well done HER, TOT is a great game.
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