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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • Before I played this game, I read some reviews that were mostly negative. So, I was like "Oh, great. Now I have to play this lousy game". Well, I played it and, it wasn't that bad! I actually liked it pretty good. I gave it an 8/10
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    • This game though short was definitely worth the challenge. I loved the puzzles here and the languid feeling it gives to players. Some people may find the puzzles a drudgery instead but thats really because its puzzle after puzzle of brain wrecking. The only downside was the lack of manoeuvre in the whole place, so it feels really small here. Remember, we were chasing a humongous agent of nature, I expected larger spaces to be available to us.



      • I gave it a 2. I really did not like this game for the same reasons so many have already stated. I'm upset that I spent money on it.


        • This game was my first game back in a little while.. So I was a little bit grateful that it was easier. And shorter. Learning about Tornadoes and stuff was awesome and I loved being in Oklahomah with the accents. I hated how every character was in the same location almost.. I wish they were spread out a bit. I didn't know who the culprit could be almost the entire game.. until it was super obvious lol. The characters were fun. I'd rate this an 9/10.
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          • I really liked this game!! I loved how, in addition to being fun, it was also educational. I think the characters where great, especially Frosty and Chase!!! Although, I WOULD definitely say it was one of the easiest ND games...


            • I gave this one 5/10.

              The characters aren't that memorable, nor was I necessarily fond of the storyline. And honestly, it felt more like an educational game than a mystery game.
              I wouldn't recommend this one.


              • Challenging, Fun & Educational

                For me, this game had really hard puzzles! That's not a bad thing, because I always love a good challenge. Not only was this game fun, but it was honestly educational. I've learned so much from Nancy Drew!


                • This game was definitely not scary. (but then this is not my first tornado). I would recommend it to younger players..

                  Personally, I enjoyed the puzzles, but there were a lot of them. So, if you don't like puzzles, then this game is not for you.

                  I gave this game and 8/10. if you don't like puzzles it would probably be about a 6/10. The scare factor is about 3/10.

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                    It wasn't that good. No secret rooms or anything, mostly seemed like chores, the characters were OK but not the best, the mouse puzzles were tedious and terrible!, wasn't scary and it seemed more educational than mysterious.

                    But, like all Nancy Drew games, there was something about it that made me give it 4. The graphics were good and I enjoyed the characters. (The characters are a pro AND a con because they didn't seem very elaborated on)
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                    • this game was pretty fun
                      I voted 7/10
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                      • This game was so fantastic! I laughed, I cried, I lost 15 pounds! I could not recommend this highly enough!


                        • In response to all you grumps out there...

                          Personally? I gave it a 9, it was really nice to play a ND game that wasn't so steeped in mystery and didn't focus so much on the details. I think the way the plot was centered and how the twister was imaged was really good. Many people are grouching about how there was so little intrigue and how there it was 'exhausting to finish' or 'wore you out' but I liked the puzzle side. It was nice solving puzzles that actually require pen and paper, like in the shop where you have a budget. I learnt some saving techniques in that one!
                          Other people are also dissatisfied with the character development, but I think the characters were done really well. Scott was the best, and Frosty was really cool - Scott had the best character development out of all of them, the way he changed was done so subtly and then BAM!
                          People also don't like Debbie, but without Debbie, it would have been Chaos. I personally like to think of her as the 'Voice of Reason' and there are so many games where that needed 'Voice of Reason' just doesn't appear, leaving details everywhere, like Ghost of Thornton Hall.
                          The gameplay was beautiful and the music was very nice. The urgency given at the end when the twister came in was really good, my hands got so sweaty!
                          Good job, Her. I loved this game and so did my friend.


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                            TOT gets a lot of negative publicity around here but I don't think it's so bad. You do have to focus more on the chores than the actual mystery, but these chores are puzzles that fit very well into the game's story (unlike in some instances where you have to complete 10 ridiculous puzzles that make no sense for a centuries-old subplot). I would much rather do the chores in TOT than in SHA because in TOT, you're actually there to help out and the chores you're given are meaningful. I can get pretty frustrated with ND puzzles, but in this game my brain was challenged AND I was able to complete almost all of them on my own which was refreshing. The Doppler puzzle needed more direction, though.

                            The major downfall of this game is its characters. It's nice that there are five of them, but none really stand out even remotely in the scope of the entire series. Additionally, you really don't have to speak to your phone contacts at all if you don't want to, so calling them was not super appealing.

                            I do not find TOT to be a particularly short game if you focus on completing the puzzles on your own without much outside help. If you want to talk about short, check out The Haunted Carousel!


                            • I voted 7/10


                              • I'm not the best at rating games, but I will say the first ND I believe I saw my best friend play was TOT. We haven't finished it completely yet together even though she's personally beat them all. From what I saw I give it at least an 8. I'm a big fan of games like these where weather is involved, I love studying storms and watching them.