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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    I gave this game a 6. It just didn't live up to what the Nancy Drew games mean to me. I mean, there were no secret passageways! It is true that I was thinking just the other day that all of the Nancy Drew games have a little too much in common (lots of puzzles, secret passageways, fake-out motives of suspects, etc.), but I realized that when the formula is taken apart, it just isn't the same.

    The game was entertaining, but some of the puzzles were repetative (if I never have to play a mice catching game again, I will only be too happy). Also, trying to drive to a spectific destination could be a little annoying, although I did greatly enjoy smashing into other cars at times, tee hee.

    Overall, it was an okay game, but just didn't seem the same.


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      I gave it a 7 because I really didn't enjoy this game as much as the others.

      I don't feel like it lived up to most of the other ND games.
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        I loved the theme of this game, but i didn't like the ending or the culprit very much! It had a great story base, but lacked a lot of the "oomph" it needed to be a "GREAT" game...Could have used more suspense/scary moments.


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          I gave this one a 9 because it was fun and wonderful.

          Thank goodness I don't drive like that in real life! Driving in this game wasn't one of my best skills.

          I am so impressed with the research that goes into these games about the area that they are located in. I grew up in Oklahoma and the info on the area was pretty accurate. Go Boomer Sooners!



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            Trail of the Twister review

            This game is my least favorite. It was incredibly boring to me, and the puzzles were tedious at best; they seemed to be "busy work" that wasn't really necessary. Also, the driving was AGGRAVATING. Every time you have to go anywhere it takes forever and you'll most likely end up having a wreck or two. It just isn't possible to master a good driving technique. I gave this game a 5. :(


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              Great Disappointment

              My sister and I were terribly dissatisfied with this game; I gave it a 1. As mentioned, all the game consisted of was busy work and uninteresting clues. My sister and I have been playing ND for years, and this is most definitely the worst to date.


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                Good Game

                I gave this game a 9, because it was fun for the most part (I especially liked Pa!), but at sometimes I found it hard to follow, like when everything on your check off list was checked of, but it wouldn't let you go to bed. But I would recommend this game to anyone!

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                  This might be my favourite one so far. I loved Pa and that game in Pa's store, I was totally addicted to it. Btw, the box that costs 10.0$, at first I thought it was 100$ but later i realized it just can't be that much


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                    I'd give this game less than a 1 if I could. What was the plot supposed to be? Very weak "storyline", characters were okay I guess, chores, chores, and more chores, very little snooping, and it only took me AN HOUR AND A HALF TO BEAT IT!!! That's wrong. This game should be banned from the series it's that bad. I'm serious.


                    • My fave game of all time!!!!!!!!!! I have played it now about 10 times, and have loved it every time!!!! I'd rate this more than a 10 if I could!!!
                      TOTAL, OBSESSED, 100% GLEEK :)


                      • Pretty good...

                        This was a pretty good game! My favorite aspect of the game was its ending...def. something i will remember! some of the puzzles were a little difficult, as the objectives were unclear. (needed spoilers a lot!)


                        • i gave this game a 6 because i felt the puzzle were tedious but that it had great characters and action scenes.
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                          • Personally, I thought that the effects in TOT were AMAZING!!! The weather/cloud changes were awesome! However, I did not like the ending, or the culprit. A lot of the puzzles were difficult (I like a challenge, but this was a bit too much at times!) and I felt like we weren't able to "sleuth" very much. The characters were alright, but definitely not the best. I LOVE HeR, and hope they continue to make Nancy Drew games, I just hope in the future they will bring back some of the "classic" touch!
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                            • This game was just okay for me. I had a hard time navigating
                              the cars. If it were real life, my insurance would be sky high hahaha!!!!


                              • Yeah, this ND game wasn't the best.

                                It was Really easy for me though. And a little predictable here and there but okay. I give it a 5.
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