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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • ya well that's YOUR opinion.....
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    • This game didn't have as great of a story line and there wasn't much "mystery" in the game. It was mostly puzzles, and a bit more like "Nancy Drew: Intern" then "Nancy Drew: Private Detective." I got bored a lot in this game. : / Some parts were fun though, but others not so much. I gave it a 4. But that's just my opinion. Not to mention it was kind of the same old "Sabotage" story line to begin with. But if you're a puzzle lover then this game is probably a 10 to you!

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      • Hey trail of twister was cool...there was a lot of point where I had no clue what do because I finished my tasklist a lot

        I am very new to this so rep r appreciated!!


        • After much inner debate, I gave this game an 8. I actually enjoyed the change of pace from the treasure-hunting-monster-escaping business to the [somewhat more realistic] world of ambition, bribery, and backstabbing. So while the chores and puzzles may seem unrelated to the mystery, they facilitate your ability to untangle all the messes the characters have gotten themselves into.

          And I was never bored. I always knew what I was supposed to be doing, and the puzzles were entertaining and challenging. That's not something I can say about many games.

          Some negatives: general lack of places to explore, general lack of things to find, and short length.

          A link to my more in-depth review is in my signature.


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          • Ehhh.... idt so

            I generally cannot walk away from my computer when im playing Nancy Drew and this whole time while playing Trail of the Twister i kept waiting for something truly exciting to happen and when the tornado siren went off i was pumped but then nothing really good happened... im guess to say the least it didnt live up to my expectations like the others did.


            • Originally posted by dream girl XOXO View Post
              I generally cannot walk away from my computer when im playing Nancy Drew and this whole time while playing Trail of the Twister i kept waiting for something truly exciting to happen and when the tornado siren went off i was pumped but then nothing really good happened... im guess to say the least it didnt live up to my expectations like the others did.
              I COMPLETELY agree with you. Whenever the tornado siren sounded, I got all excited that something really exciting would happen. Once it was over I was like, thats it?
              Not the best ND game

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              • This is kind of harsh, but I just want to share my honest opinions.

                I don't even know how to rate this game. It was a miserable Nancy Drew Game in my opinion. A good game, but a horrible Nancy Drew Game.The plot was weak and not developed fully, and the game was all puzzles. No snooping, no action, no element of surprise really. I felt like it was unrealistic in the fact that everywhere you turned there was yet another puzzle. It was like an interactive puzzle book. But a mystery game? Nooo way was it that. I really thought it was a good game, but it just lacked the Nancy Drew feel since we were being bossed around the whole time and had no time to be an actual detective. Just my opinions, so please take no offense if you liked this game.
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                • This game was ok. Liked the twisters though. Great job!! Give it a 6 out of 10.


                  • I gave it a 7. All Nancy Drew games keep me entertained-to me none of them are boring. However, this game was probably one of my least favorites. It was a disapointment, in my opinion.
                    There were so many puzzles and a lot of them were really hard. Sometimes, I had everything on my task list checked off and I had no clue what to do.
                    It was a really short game and the plot really did not develop throughout the game. A whole portion of the game was spent just doing chores for the team. What I also noticed about this game was that some of things we had to do had nothing to do with the plot.
                    Lastly, I thought the culprit was pretty obvious. But, like all Nancy Drew Games, I still had a good time playing it.


                    • I gave this game a six. It wasn't bad--the puzzles and the plot were all well-developed--I just didn't find it particularly exciting. Even the ending didn't exactly get my heart rate going.
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                      • I give this game a 5/10. I hated most of the characters. They were mostly boring or annoying. I did really like one character, though. The plot wasn't completely terrible, just overused (sabotage). Nancy apparently got demoted in this game, because all she did were puzzles and chores. They were pointless and endless. Most of them weren't even fun, either. There wasn't much of anything else (things like snooping) in the game. The music must have not made much of an impression on me, as I barely remember any of it (and I always remember games' music tracks). The scenery was pleasant, and I enjoyed driving around in the car. The graphics were also well done. I also learned a bit of information about tornadoes and such, so I give the game some credit there. I just enjoy a mixture of both learning and having fun together, which was really lacking. The ending was pretty awful, and the culprit was also obvious enough. I feel as though I should've given less than a 5/10, but for some odd reason, I get some serious cravings to play this game every once in a while. It's very strange, so I'll stick with the 5.


                        • I gave this game a 5/10. I really didn't like it; the characters & chores were boring. I did learn some interesting facts about tornado's! :) I didn't enjoy the ending of the game at all. It wasn't an exciting ending like the other Nancy Drew games. Although, I did like driving around! And the graphics & sounds were pretty realistic! :D
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                          • Tornado Alley

                            I loved this game. The first time I played it I thought it was kind of hard but now that I have played it a lot I am thinking that this game has the best mini-games of all the other ND games. They are challenging each and every time. The only game I wont play ever again is Crystal is dark, boring, and difficult, the only thing I like about Crystal is the shop across the street game.


                            • I give it a 4/10.

                              Honestly? One of my least favorite games.

                              The plot is dull, and it doesn't really have much...substances. The characters could have been nice...if we had gotten to talk to them and know the. The setting, while nice and westerny feeling, was really small. I don't like it when all you can do is look at a 5 by 5 image and not explore. Also, there was almost NO snooping or exploration. And worst of all - the chores! While I don't mind a FEW in the games, this was overkill. WAY too many. EVERY puzzle except one was a chore. I hated it! I didn't like the ending, either. And catching the mice? Annoying.

                              I did like Pa, and his store, and some of the puzzles were kind of fun. Especially the last one.

                              Overall I was sorely disappointed in this game and I felt like there was no mystery, no feeling like a detective. I felt like task girl going from chore to chore. I get it - we're an intern and chores make sense. They do. To an extent. Nancy's also a detective - snooping and sleuthing and searching for answers also makes sense. Unfortunately, it wasn't there. :/
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                              • I gave it a 7. Like most of us, this wasn't my favorite nor did I think it was a very good plot line. Nancy was also given a lot of tasks which were rather tedious at some points and were not explained clearly. I was also disappointed because there weren't that many leads in this game to make you narrow down your suspect lists, which I always enjoy but didn't get enough of.
                                However, I really liked learning about tornadoes and weather patterns. I like games where I learn something from it or develop a new understanding, maybe even a passion for it. After I was done I even did some researching about storms and the different types of clouds. It was neat to be able to look at the sky and try to determine what kind of clouds were out. The really fun parts in the game were when you were able to go storm chasing. I liked how Nancy had to track down storms and get all the pictures needed of clouds.
                                So overall, it was a good game. It certainly is worth playing, but just be warned the tasks you do are frustrating at times and the plot is not very creative.
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