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TRT review, from someone who WANTS to be scared!

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  • TRT review, from someone who WANTS to be scared!

    It's a mad world, Nancy...

    From someone who wants to be scared

    My favorite movie is the Ring, my favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe, and I consider Silent Hill games as works of art. If you don't want a creepy game, read a different review--this review is to help if you want to play a scary game, but don't know if this one is.

    Technical issues: This game was released way back before 9/11, before anyone had even thought of cell phones as replacements for computers, before Britney Spears shaved her head. This game came out in 2001. And because of that I must say it did better than I expected. The audio was sometimes out of synch with the characters moving their mouths, and the mouse would sometimes stick. Overall, it wasn't too distracting from the story.

    Setting: This game is set in a castle built in Wisconsin, meant to resemble a 17th century french castle. Some of the game happens at night, and some during the day, but unfortunately, you'd never know the difference if it weren't for the clocks. Nothing changes between night and day, besides whether or not you can go outside. There's a lot of clicking to go between places. In the spookier areas, there wasn't as much detail.

    Music: Most of the music was too.. obvious, I guess, for my taste. There's some good ambient stuff in a few of the areas revealed later in the game, but there aren't any spooky-sounding songs, at least not in my opinion. Maybe it's the quality of the music, but I'm just not feeling upset at all by it. Although one of them reminded me incessantly of Mad World.

    Puzzles: The puzzles, a little like CRY, seemed to be mostly puzzles you figure out logically. They weren't confined to just one screen, which made them more realistic, but harder for me to figure out. I found myself having to make a to-do list in my head pretty often of what things I had to do at what times. I guess they weren't too bad.

    Characters: There's only one character out of the four that has any apparent depth. Hotchkiss is a batty old professor trying to prove Marie Antoinette was a nice person; she's funny, but not 3D or creepy. Jacques and Lisa are also one-dimensional. They each have one main motivation and nothing else is really revealed about them. Dexter is kind of a sad character, and his consistent gruffness sometimes helps to set a darker, more depressing mood.

    Plot: The plot was mostly about Marie Antoinette and finding the medallions. There's a little bit of finding out about Jacques and Dexter. The whole thing felt like a big, complicated puzzle.

    Cheesiness: HAHAHA Jacques. He said "Oh la la" way too much. And then Hotchkiss is random and funny, but again, she kills the creepy mood rather fast.

    Deaths: This game houses what is probably the most gruesome and disgusting death scene I've ever seen in a Nancy Drew game! Nancy can get crushed... at... one point (I'm trying hard not to spoil anything ), and the "splat" noise... just... wow. If you don't play this game, look up that death and watch it. It's worth it for thrill-seekers. It made me imagine things. Terrible, gross, awesome things.

    Overall, how fun it was: This game confused me a lot. It was kind of fun, but most of the fun came from more bland entertainment. It never really sucked me in and forced me to care.

    Overall, how scary it was: Sigh. This game was stressful due to a couple of timed challenges. That's good, but it never really scared me, at least not this time. Nothing pops out at you, the atmosphere is too bright. Except... that one scene.

    Here's a quick rundown of the review:
    Technical issues: 4/5. Good for its time.
    Setting: 2/5. Too much clicking, too bright.
    Music: 3/5. Some nice ambience.
    Puzzles: 2/5. Confusing.
    Characters: 2/5. Dexter is the only saving point.
    Plot: 2.5/5. It didn't keep me that interested.
    Cheesiness: 2/5. Sorry Hotchkiss.
    Deaths: 6/5. That one. Epic. Death.
    Fun factor: 2/5. You might like it, but I dunno.
    Scare factor: 3/5. Most of it wasn't too great.
    TOTAL SCORE: 28.5/50. That's 57%. I have huge nostalgia for this game, but coming back and looking at it analytically, it just wasn't that good or scary of a game. And I wish it was better, I really do. I like it in the same way I like a spoiled pet; I know, in my brain, that it's bad, but in my heart I still love it.

    And that death, oh my gosh, seriously
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    Nice review! Great job!
    OH! And, I agree about the Death scene! Talk about creepy...
    Anyway, I loved your review and I hope to see more of your stuff around the boards!
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