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Hunting Down the Treasure in the Royal Tower

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  • Hunting Down the Treasure in the Royal Tower

    Treasure in the Royal Tower
    A FancyNancy16 review

    Treasure in the Royal tower is arguably one of the best Nancy Drew games of all time. With the genuine, classic ND feel, the historical elements, the interesting suspects, and the mystery itself, this game lives on in the memories of those who have played it, and replayed it many times.

    Nancy goes on a ski vacation at a castle in Wisconsin! But as soon as she arrives, a snowstorm arrives that shuts down the ski resort and prevents additional guests from leaving or arriving. Upon your arrival, you hear that one of the other guests recently reported her room was robbed, and the library has been vandalized. Nancy’s vacation isn’t complete without stumbling upon a mystery that began in the 1700’s in the French Revolution. Who but our clever sleuth can untangle the threads of history and solve a centuries-old mystery?
    Plot rating: 10/10

    The characters stuck at the castle due to the storm are Dexter Egan, the surly caretaker who dislikes questions, Lisa Ostrum, a rather nosy photojournalist who makes sure to ask tons of questions, Jacques Brunais, the French ski instructor with a secret, and Professor Beatrice Hotchkiss, an eccentric older lady who spends her time typing furiously in her room, mixing up everyone’s names, and ordering couscous and 50 chicken drumsticks. Each of the characters is fun to talk with, and the conversations do not seem long or drawn out, or tedious. Professor Hotchkiss especially is the highlight of conversations. As this was the second Nancy Drew game I ever played, this was an excellent group of characters.
    Character rating: 10/10

    Castle Wickford is a gorgeous castle. Even though the graphics are old, I like them better than the new graphics in the newer games. They still are incredibly realistic, and the marble staircase, the castle hallways, the numerous paintings, the stained glass windows, and all the castle décor is gorgeous. I love ND games involving snow, and you do get to walk around outside for part of this game. Overall, this setting is flawless. The castle is extensive, and I used to get lost learning where everything was in this game. I love how many rooms there are, compared to some of the newer games that occasionally seem limited into one space, or very few spaces.
    Setting: 10/10

    I have played this game multiple times, and it usually takes a couple days. The last time I played it, I sat down with a good chunk of time and solved it in one day. However, for passive play, it’s an excellent length.
    Length: 8/10

    The first time I played it, I had difficulty with some of the puzzles. Now, after playing it multiple times, I no longer need to come to the message boards to find the answers or hints. However, the puzzle difficulty is about average. It’s not incredibly tricky or difficult, but all the puzzles make sense and are challenging without being frustrating, and entertaining.
    Puzzle Difficulty: 5/10

    This is one of my favorite ND games as far as music goes. It fits the elegance of the setting, and there is a wide variety for this soundtrack.
    Music: 10/10

    The ending was very short. There was no difficult puzzle to solve, although you have to realize what you need to do quickly or the culprit gets away. It is not a challenging ending, which was slightly disappointing, but the remainder of the game more than made up for the short ending.
    Ending: 6/10

    It’s up to you, as Nancy Drew, to find the Treasure in the Royal Tower! Solve a centuries-old mystery and explore a gorgeous castle! This, without a doubt, is a classic, excellent Nancy Drew game. Complete with the old teal format, the smaller game-play window (which is refreshing to come back to after the newer game format), and the lack of the checklist, this game goes back to ND roots with a good challenge that makes you think! I love the lack of the checklist and journal. These games made me think hard, and I enjoyed being able to get hints from phone friends, Bess, George, and Ned. It is ironic to play the game now, in this day, when everyone has a cell phone, with Nancy not having one and using a regular cord phone. It’s like a step back in time to my childhood, the first time I played this game, before there were cell phones widely available!

    Enjoy the classic Nancy Drew and solve the Treasure in the Royal Tower!
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