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TRT: An honest review from a lifelong sleuther

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  • TRT: An honest review from a lifelong sleuther

    Hello, all!

    I've been playing ND for nearly my entire life, and proudly own all of the original games on disc. Treasure in the Royal Tower is one of the games that I was never able to finish as a child - but also one of the games that I'm always stumbling upon raving reviews for. I've been meaning to give it another whirl for some time now and finally decided to do just that!

    I have to say, I was a bit disappointed in TRT. I remembered the general storyline associated with the game - I knew that I'd be in a castle with a confusing layout, I knew that I'd be studying Marie Antoinette, I remembered the elevators and, of course, I could never forget Hotchkiss!

    Now that I'm in my early twenties, I definitely found this game to be a refreshing change of pace from the newer games - the puzzles are all ACTUALLY possible to solve without spoilers (even on Senior Detective), the storyline makes sense throughout the entire time and the tasks are realistic.

    My main problem with this game is that I found the storyline to be rather boring. I honestly couldn't be less interested in finding Marie Antoinette's hidden journal (okay, maybe in real life I'd be interested... but not in a game!) and I felt that certain characters (
    ) were nearly irrelevant. The castle was obnoxious to navigate, even after having its layout figured out. I did like that every character had a real motive for being the culprit, but in the end the culprit was who I thought it was going to be all along - the person was a bit too obvious, and generally I never guess culprits correctly in ND games. Additionally, I can't stop thinking about one loose end:
    What was Dexter looking for in the library?
    I did have some problems with the interface - and resorted to checking the message boards at times because I simply didn't know I could click on certain things - but I can't give HerInteractive a hard time for that because this is such an old game.

    In the end, I do recommend playing this game because I think everyone should play ALL of the original ND games, but I don't see myself picking up TRT ever again. Check it out if you're into history, but I personally recommend MHM or Haunted Carousel if you're looking for an ND original with a bit more excitement!

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    This is a great review, very honest and thoughtful. I have always loved TRT, but that might be because I played it first, at a young age, so it has a special place in my heart, rather than because of its own inherent qualities. I'm kind of the other way around from you when it comes to clicking on things - starting with TRT taught me to click on absolutely everything, and I struggle in the newer games when there's only a couple of things to click on! I also think I'll always love the plot, it's still my favourite. But I like your review a lot, it's a refreshing take on an old game. And it's always great to know that people are still picking up and playing TRT, so many years later
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    Thanks Aline! ♥


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      Thanks for the response, Spaghetti! I definitely relate to what you're saying - MHM was my first game and it holds a special place in my heart for the same reason! :)

      TRT is definitely worth playing and does have a solid mystery - whether or not someone loves the plot will all depend on personal preferences!


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        Nice Review!

        I think most people who are critical of TRT are people who play the game when they are older they are able to identify the faults the game has when you are younger you really don't notice the faults as much and if like me it was your first Nancy Drew game you played it has a nostalgic feel which makes it seem even greater. Still think TRT is a great game for its time though your criticisms are fair and valid.


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          I agree, DPL_93... if someone older were to choose this as their first Nancy Drew game NOW, it might seem outdated - but for us, it (like the other ND originals) brings back fond memories. :)


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            Wasn't Dexter looking for
            that hidden room in the library that Nancy found? Wasn't it Ezra's memorabilia regarding Dexter's childhood?
            I always thought that's what he was searching for haha idk though...
            Also played & finished, ICE, CRY. CLK & TRN