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    I have solved many ND games lately and have been reviewing them all. Here are my categories, and I will rate each category out of 10.

    Graphics: Not the greatest, considering it was the 4th? ND game made. Overall loved the graphics and how the castle looked! I loved the paintings, and the detail in the walls! Definitely felt like I was in a castle and wasn't playing a game! 10/10

    Music: Not bad! Kind of forgot what the music sounded like. 7/10

    Plot: The plot was pretty dry. I wish there was more to the plot, not just what was there. 7/10

    Games: Not many games as it as an earlier ND game. The 7 bolt door, drove me insane! 7/10

    Characters: I wish there were more characters to talk to in this game like the newer ND games. 8/10

    Overall! Great game, I started playing this years ago and I ended up breaking the disc on accident and couldn't finish and defeat this ND game until I bought a new disc. Glad I bought it! It's one of my more favorite ND games! Overall 9/10 for the graphics, and running around a castle!

    Onto to the next mystery!

    Slowly collecting all of the Nancy Drew Games!

    I have...
    ~Ridden the Haunted Carousel
    ~Ridden the Train To Blue Moon Canyon
    ~Seen the Banshee of Castle Malloy
    ~Befriended Isis, The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
    ~Found the Secret That Killed
    ~Ransom of the Seven Ships
    ~Treasure in the Royal Tower

    Currently Solving...
    ~Danger By Design

    My avatar shows which game I am currently solving!

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    I think that TRT has about the same amount of characters to talk to "in person" as many of the newer games! Four seems to be a standard number of suspects, with a few games here and there adding or subtracting from that - but I agree, the interaction seemed a bit scant in TRT!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I also wish the plot were a bit more exciting... I believe that TRT won a "best game" contest a while back but even though it's definitely a good game, I don't think that I would have voted for it as the best in the series!