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"Treasure" is a Treat - A Review

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  • "Treasure" is a Treat - A Review

    ConnectTheDots' Review
    Treasure in the Royal Tower

    Bottom line: Although this game is a little short, the enchanting history and well-developed plot make this game a real gem.


    Nancy’s trip to Wisconsin is not turning out as she had hoped. A severe snowstorm has closed down the ski slopes and blocked all of the roads! To top it off, the library of the resort she is visiting has been broken into, and another visitor has been robbed! To solve this mystery, Nancy will have to go on – yes, you guessed it – a treasure hunt and find Marie Antoinette’s prize before someone with a less worthy cause does. I’m personally getting a little burnt out on the whole treasure hunting theme in the series, but this was one of the first games, so no complaining this time!

    The plot is very well-developed. Stuff actually happens during the game, not just before the game begins or at the very beginning. Everything is explained at the end, and every suspect has a believable motive!


    The characters in this game were pretty good. Some were more developed personality-wise than others. There is one fabulously eccentric and lovable character in this game by the name of Professor Hotchkiss that you really don’t get to talk to that much (which is truly a disappointment!). The other three characters are very normal and make for a nice balance.

    The voice acting for the games has greatly improved since TRT. Jacques’ accent is not very authentic, even when he says his own name! Lisa is a naturally perky character, but whenever you end a conversation with her, she very coldly says, “Later, Nancy.” Even Lani Minella, the voice actress for Nancy, is a little too chipper in this one and does not sound natural emotionally.


    The graphics in this game are pretty good considering that this is the fourth ND game. I did find, however, that the colors in this game are either brilliantly bright or dreadfully dull depending on the room. Detailed interior is sparse in this game. The characters are okay visually, but their mouths don’t move along with the words at all and their facial expressions don’t vary much.

    I think that the outside areas are very pretty and kind of mysterious, and it’s a pity that there isn’t much to explore outdoors!


    Maybe I have a bad time remembering sound, but I remember only one song from this game clearly, and that’s because it seems to repeat over and over again whenever I play TRT. I like songs that incorporate a piano, but this one becomes annoying after the twentieth time you hear it.


    There are very few puzzles in this game and the types of puzzles can be found in other ND games. They’re fun because they aren’t difficult and they do require some logical thinking. The lack of puzzles really shortens this game. In fact, it only took me three or so hours to beat.

    "The Scare Factor"

    Some of the rooms are a little creepy because they aren’t well-lit, but otherwise, this game is not scary. This game has one of the scariest second chances in the entire series, in my opinion.

    Other Odds and Ends

    - The historical aspect is what makes this game so special, in my opinion. I sometimes feel like HER is shoving historical information in my face when I play some of the games, but I actually feel like the history in this one could have been a little more fleshed out. I enjoyed reading about the French Revolution and “Let them eat cake!” It’s especially cool to see famous portraits of Marie Antoinette on display throughout the castle.

    - The first time I played this game, which was five or six years ago, it took me forever to beat! As previously stated, I recently finished this game very quickly. If you are used to the formats of the puzzles because you’ve played other games in the series, this game shouldn’t take you too long to play.

    - Bess and George and Ned sometimes don’t have any hints to give. Luckily, we have the HER message boards for help! ;-)

    - The snooping in this game is top-notch, and you pretty much snoop on every character. It’s a major part of the game play for this one.

    - The ending sequence is satisfying, but simple. It's a "one click" kind of ending. Also, the culprit becomes pretty obvious midway through the game.

    THANK YOU for reading my review! Feel free to comment with your own thoughts. Feedback is appreciated.

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    Very nice review :) One of my favorite parts of this game was the historical aspects and the french. I'm taking it in school, so I love when I understand what they're talking about right off the bat. I do wish there had been more puzzles though :(
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      Very nice review! I liked it. I agree on like the whole thing! I know what you meant by 'the characters' and 'the ending' and stuff. I've played this game already but it's always nice to just read a review to see what someone else thought. I feel so the same about the game! Great review!
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        Thank you both for the comments! :) I agree that it would have been nice to have a few more puzzles in this one, maybe a mini-game or something.

        I like reading reviews, too, because everyone has a different viewpoint on a game and it's interesting to see if your opinion is different from the majority.
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          I'm a big fan of your reviews. You systematically break down each of the components of the game, objectively rate them, and give a thorough analysis.

          I agree that the character development was the game's strong point. After the memory of the game faded, what still stuck with me were the characters. They're so memorable, although I have in addition to the brilliantly individualistic Professor Hotchkins, I also remembered Dexter, a Mr. Grumpy with a golden heart. After I learned about what happened to him and his adoptive father, I wanted to give him a big hug.

          I especially liked the history as well. It was the first time I learned that the "let them eat cake" comment was most likely slander and not said by Marie Antoinette. It also got me interested in Marie and the French revolution.

          TRT's puzzles are the best. They're logical. Each step can be deduced from the previous one. We don't have to MacGyver pieces of Nancy's items together or work with near magical machines.


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            Thank you, thank you, thank you, Everything! You're too sweet, really. =] I, too, agree that Dexter was a memorable character due to his background. I probably should have mentioned that in my review.

            Great comment about the puzzles, too. Having to figure out which object should be used where is very annoying at times, and everything made sense in this game.
            My reviews - STFD, MHM, TRT, FIN, SSH, DOG, CAR, DDI, SHA, CUR, CLK,


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              Good review!


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                Great reveiw!! I ALWAYS read your reveiws if I'm thinking about gettting some game or another.... your reveiws are always thourogh!

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