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Checkers/chess game in basement

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  • Checkers/chess game in basement

    I cannot figure out to play the game in the basement. I have tried it and can't seem to do it. Can somebody help me please?

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    Junior Detective
    Cobra: Move left 4 spaces, move all the way up
    Wolf: Move down one, left 4 spaces, then all the way up to underneath cobra
    Tiger: Move down 2 spaces, left 4 spaces, all the way to underneath wolf, move left
    Wolf: Move right 2 spaces, down 3
    Cobra: Move right 3 spaces, down 2, left 2

    Senior detective
    Cobra: Move all the way to left
    Eagle: Move up 1 space, left 4 spaces, up 1 space
    Wolf: Move right 3 spaces
    Tiger: Move up 2 spaces, left 3 spaces, down 2 spaces ,then left
    Cobra: Move up all the way
    Eagle: Down 2 spaces, right 4, up 5, left 3, up 2
    Wolf: Up underneath eagle, then right 2
    Eagle: Down all the way, left 2, up underneath cobra
    Wolf: Left 3, down
    Eagle: Right 4
    Pink: Down all the way, right all the way (5 spaces), up 5, right 2, up 2, left 2, down
    Eagle: Right 3, down all the way, left 1, up 2


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    Nancy Drew!

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