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weirdly stuck near the beginning

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  • weirdly stuck near the beginning

    Hey drew crew! I'm replaying TRT and I'm weirdly stuck near the beginning. I had just asked Hotchkiss what she wanted for dinner but when I went to tell Dexter he was gone. I took the key and went into the library successfully and have also seen the secret room. I don't see the oil can to get under the elevator yet. Anyone know what's going on? Everything seems off! Thanks!

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    You just walked right into the library using the key without getting caught? That's not right.

    Are you sure Dexter isn't gone because of the time? Have you tried changing the time using the clock in your room?
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      I disabled the alarm with the paintbrush and dust but things definitely happened out of order. I think it was the time! He was there after I woke up. Thanks!