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  • My updated WAC review

    Now that I've played both Sr. and Jr. in this game, I've had different views of this game, so I've made an updated version!

    Plot: At Waverly Academy an all-girls boarding school, Nancy goes undercover as "Becca Sawer" as student to investigating mysterious notes from someone who calls herself the Black Cat. Only the valedictorians seam to be getting these notes. If you get a second note something bad happens to you! I give the plot 10/10 great plot!

    Characters: I really liked the characters, they all had different personally's which I really like. The characters were:
    Mel Corbalis: She is a goth kind of girl but she is really sweet and plays the cello. She was probably my favorite out of all the girls!
    Leela Yadav: Very athletic. she Loves to play games! She can also be very spunky!
    Rachel Hubbard: Very sweet! works hard on her laptop and even gets Nancy to help her with a few things. She was another favorite of mine!
    Corine Myers: She is kind of weird and can be awkward at times but is nice too. She is also your roommate in the game.
    Izzy Romero: She's the student body president and she's really popular! and to me she can sometimes but a brat, which can be annoying!
    And even though some of the girls can be annoying at times, I still love them all cause it shows how things really can be at school; the popular girls and the girls who aren't everyone's favorite person. I give the characters a 10/10!

    Phone friends: You can call three people in this game. Ned, Bess and Megan Vargas who is one of the valedictorian candidates, but had to go home from getting sick.
    Megan was helpful for the most part. You could talk to Ned but he never helped you with anything. You could call Bess, but would never answer cause she's on vacation. I give the phone characters a 7.5/10

    Puzzles: There were a good amount of puzzles not to many and not to little. A couple seamed to be on the easier side but there still fun! The only thing is, Sr. and Jr. puzzles are basically all the same. Since it was my first time playing Senior this past time playing, I was thinking/hoping of all the puzzle that would be different compared to Junior, but I was really disappointed to find them all the same except for climbing the tree...I enjoyed the puzzles, but was really hoping for something harder for Senior. I give the puzzles a 5/10

    Scare factor: There wasn't any scare factor for me, but this isn't a scary game so I didn't expect to be scared.
    If I got a little jumpy it was because I was afraid of doing something wrong and having to get a second chance.
    I'd say a 5/10

    Difficulty level: You can get stuck on like what you have to do or something, but getting stuck on the puzzles wasn't to often for me 7/10

    Length: I think the length was good for this game. It wasn't to short. It's totally better than other ND games. 9/10

    Ending: I liked having a game that actually narrows down the suspects. Without outright clearing anyone. I really enjoyed the ending! It was one of the better ones for me. Although, the culprits motive seemed a little far fetched. Like, I can see why they did what they did, but then, what would it do for them afterward? I give the ending a 7.5/10

    Extras: I love the little extras in this game! Like the snack shop boss and playing air hockey and scram! 10/10!

    Settings: I really liked the settings for this game. Although, the school was kinda confusing for me, how do you get to the other side of the school? 7.5/10

    Graphics: For the way HeR had graphics then, I didn't expect them to be the greatest thing ever. But for what they where, I really liked them! 8/10

    Music: I liked the music. It was suiting. 7/10

    Over all, I'd give this game a 7/10
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