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    Hello, everyone! I’ve recently gone back and started replaying all of my Nancy Drew games, and in doing so, I have picked up on numerous things I didn’t notice before, so what better way to discuss those things than a review?

    THE PLOT: My initial thought of the plot was that it was going to be a basic drama filled plot. Which I guess I was right on the drama part, however, after playing the game 3 times, I realized how intricate it was. I thoroughly enjoyed how there was the story of Rita and Edgar tied into to the foundation of the school. Maybe it’s just me, but I looove whenever they include real people in the games history! So basically, while I thought the plot would be shaky at first, I really grew to love it.

    CHARACTERS: This is my highlight point. I think HeR did a FANTASTIC job on these characters. Each one is uniquely diverse, and you feel different emotions when talking to them. There were characters that I absolutely despised as a person, but they were so well developed!
    Mel seems like your stereotypical “weird girl.” However, as you continue to talk to her, you really learn a lot about her; from her childhood friendship with Leela, to her loved membership of the Blackwood Society, you just seem to see who she is as a person. A different, but honest and intriguing person.
    Izzy was one of my least personal favorites of the game, but she was an astounding character! She is a popular girl and she’s not afraid to show it. She constantly talks down on everyone else in the school, but she is also very smart. There were times when I got so agitated with her, I just had to stop talking to her, but I think it’s wonderful that a character can produce these emotions from me!
    Leela is again another character that got on my nerves, but she was a strong character. She is the top athlete and she’s always asking you to play a game. Literally, ALWAYS. After a certain point in the game, you don’t really get a lot of information from her, but at the same time, she laid it all out on the table as soon as you meet her.
    Rachel was one of those characters that I adored for her spirit. At first, I was honestly annoyed that she had me doing all these tasks for her, but then once you find out why, it makes sense. I mean, I think it’s wonderful that someone is that dedicated to getting an education that her and her sister did what they did. I liked her, a lot actually.
    Corrine is..oh, Corrine. After the first conversation with her, it was evident that others did not like her, I mean she flat out asked if she was so bad. I actually felt sorry for her. She was very desperate for friends and also to prove to everyone that she was great, but she let that get in the way of her better judgment and it cost her.

    PUZZLES: First time around I thought these puzzles were a bit hard. I remember using the message boards for almost all of them. However, going back and replaying the game, I realized that they were all not too bad. Most of the puzzles could be solved in a relative manner. Almost all of the information that you needed was in a book, or in the instructions for you, it just took a longer thought process. I’ll admit, I had to literally sit down with a piece of paper for some, and try to figure out how to solve them. I think why I thought they were so hard the first time was because I was feeling such a rush to get through the game. As for tasks that you had to do, they seemed to make sense to me. Most of the time, I was doing a task so someone could help me in return. I liked that I wasn’t just doing these random things for nothing.

    SETTING: I absolutely adored the setting (that we had). I loved how the weather changed, and the snow started to follow. I liked exploring the different rooms and areas, and I also liked that we got to go outside. I don’t know why, but that was refreshing to me. However, there definitely could've been more places to explore, especially outside. I wish we could've maybe looked all around the tree, and explored a little bit further when Nancy first walks out of the school.

    SNOOPING: I personally thought this was a great game for snooping. I loved hiding from Paige during the night, it gave me such an adrenaline rush (and she also said some pretty funny things sometimes!) As for the classroom and Izzy/Leela’s room, I like how you had to figure out a way to break into their room. It just added to the snooping around and made it more fun.

    SCARE FACTOR: I did not think this game was scary at all. The only thing that creeped me out a bit was going into the cellar for the first time, but after that, it was just like going into any other room. And I, personally, am a scaredy cat so I’m glad that this didn’t have anything to creepy in it for me.

    ENDING: The ending wasn’t too big of a surprise for me, and this was my low for the game. I sort of guessed it from the beginning. There were certain things that happened to other characters, that didn't happen to one character. That led me to believe that it had to be the one specific character. This was one of the few games that I actually guessed the culprit right.

    EXTRAS: I don’t know why but I absolutely loved having snack-shop duty. That was honestly one of my favorite things, and I was that person who did it 5 times each day. Also, Casper the squirrel was a cute little addition to the story and I enjoyed reading the article on the school website that Izzy wrote about him. Lastly, I really enjoyed how we got to use Nancy’s cell phone so much. I mean from taking pictures, to getting updated Black Cat texts, I really enjoyed it. The game was a bit short, but I personally can’t stand when a game drags on and on with nothing ever happening. In this game, there was always something to do, so I didn’t mind the length so much.

    OVERALL: I give this game a 9/10. As I said before, the characters were very well developed, the puzzles weren’t crazy hard, and I just liked the background story to the whole plot. Granted, there is always room for development and this game wasn't perfect. But this is a newer game that seemed to have some of the old game qualities. And if you didn’t enjoy this game the first time you played it (like I did!!), I really recommend replaying it! I thoroughly enjoyed this game once I slowed down and actually took my time playing it.

    Please, if anyone has any additional comments, please don’t hesitate to share! I love hearing what other people think!

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