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My 1st Review - My Favorite Game So Far!!

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  • My 1st Review - My Favorite Game So Far!!

    I've played a few of the games before before but never posted a review until now.

    My review of
    Warnings At Waverly

    Plot - 10/10;
    You play as Nancy delving into the mystery of Waverly Academy. Who is sending the Black Cat notes? And what is their reason for doing so? - I really enjoyed the plot and thought it was nicely put together.

    Characters - 8/10;

    Corine; She seems nice and headstrong from the moment you meet her. Not well liked it appears, maybe she could be the BC for that reason? 8/10

    Izzy; She kind of seemed snobby to me when Nancy first meets her. She's very straight forward. And she's the student body president, so she must be well liked, right? She is manipulative and so very sure of herself. Things didn't add up to me, but maybe that's just me? 8/10

    Rachel;I would say she is my second favorite. She's very nice. She is also desperate. Her words not mine. Could she be desperate enough to be the BC? She's rather spacy. Could it be because of work load or is there something else going on? 9/10

    Mel;She is by far my favorite of them all. Which is why I really hope she is not the BC. She is a very skeptical person who doesn't buy into much of anything. She mainly sticks to herself. I can see myself in her in that sense. And she is an amazing cello player and I'm not usually a fan of the cello. 10/10

    Leela;She seems kind of full of herself. At least she did to me. She hates to lose, she says so herself. Could she be the BC because of it? 8/10

    Megan; Considering you more or less only talk to her over the phone, it's hard to read her. 5/10 since we didn't get to actually meet her and feel her out more.

    Paige; She is the resident advisor. You don't see her, she's always in her room. But it was fun testing her by knocking on her door and doing things she tells you not to. Maybe it's the rebel in me who liked that so much. 7/10

    Phone - 9/10
    Being able to get texts was fun. You were able to call Ned and Bess. Although, I don't get why Bess was an option when you couldn't even talk to her.

    Puzzles/Games - 9/10;The puzzles and games are fun when you understand what to do. Most of them at least. There are a few that I wasn't happy with or a fan of. But I loved that we were able to play Air Hockey and Darts. Those were a lot of fun. Also, I really enjoyed snack counter duty. That was so much fun!

    Scare Factor - 1/10;
    The cellar was kind of creepy I guess but really there wasn't much of a scare factor at all.

    Setting - 8.5/10;
    The New York boarding school location is nice. I liked that all the dorm rooms were all decorated differently and worked with all of their personalities. The library was big and fun to explore. Though going to the second floor of the library would've been cool. Also, I would have liked being able to explore more outside though.

    Ending/Culprit - 8/10;
    The ending wasn't my favorite but it made sense when you think about everything that happened. But it was a rather abrupt ending. It was easy to know who the guilty person was before you even get to the reveal part.

    Overall / Would I recommend it?
    Overall I give the game a 8/10. And, I would definitely recommend it. It's one of the best Nancy Drew games in my opinion.

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    This was a great first review! I agree with you on the plot. It's really intriguing and made this game a lot of fun. :)
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