Warnings at Waverly Academy: released in October 2009

Based on the Book: The Curse of the Black Cat (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #158, published in 2001)

How Closely Does the Game Follow the Book?: Kinda closely. The characters and pranks are different, but the plot is similar.

Location: A boarding school in upstate New York

The Mystery/Crime: Who is the Black Cat? And why?

Mode Of Transportation: N/A (There is no need for transportation, as Nancy stays at the boarding school the whole game)

Is there an alarm clock in this game?: Yes, you use your phone to switch between day and night and to make it the next day

What is learned about in this game?: Edgar Allen Poe, Victorian dining, roman numerals, DNA, orthographic views

Brief Plot Synopsis: Someone signing notes as "The Black Cat" has been threatening the girls in the race for valedictorian at Waverly Academy, a private girl's boarding school. Nancy goes undercover as "Becca Sawyer" at the school to investigate who is doing it and why.

Brief Character Synopsis:

(Note - I usually say who I'd cast to play the characters if it were a live-action show, but it doesn't make sense to do that for children or teens, as whoever I chose would be too old to play the character pretty soon. For example, when I first played this game several years ago I thought Sarah Hyland would make a great Izzy; she is in her late 20s now. LOL)

Corine Meyers - Nancy's roommate, who is desperate for everyone to like her

Isabelle "Izzy" Romero - the popular girl who is also student body president

Leela Yadav - the school's star athlete

Mel Corbalis - the goth girl who loves to play her cello

Rachel Hubbard - the quiet, studious girl

Phone Characters:

Megan Vargas - one of the valedictorian candidates who was targeted by "The Black Cat" and had to go home

Ned Nickerson - Nancy's boyfriend

Other characters:

Caspar - an albino squirrel who lives in a tree right outside of Waverly Academy

Paige Griffin - the RA of the valedictorian candidate hall

My favorite quotes:

"I'm about to be tossed, totally on my own, into a world of bright, privileged, clique-conscious teenage girls. This could be my scariest case yet!" - Nancy Drew

"Like I said, lie through your teeth and you'll do fine" - Ned Nickerson

My Thoughts: This game is somewhere in the middle for me. Not my favorite and not my least favorite. That, however, is more so due to my love for so many of the other games rather than a dislike for this one. I do enjoy this one.

This game has a great cast of characters and a good amount of interaction with them. The characters have distinct personalities without being overly stereotyped.

The plot and back story of "The Black Cat" makes for an interesting mystery. I also really like all the subplots that happen throughout the game. The stuff about boyfriend trouble, academic issues, cliques/friendships, etc. not only move the game along but also give you more information about the characters.

I liked most of the puzzles and tasks and they were related to the plot. I especially like playing air hockey with Leela. The credit/demerit system was really neat and getting gossip text messages was fun. I also liked the changing environment - how sometimes you're out at night and sometimes in the day, how at first it's not snowing but later it is, etc.

One thing I didn't care for about this game was the lack of places to explore and things to see. There were so many views that looked like they had interesting objects but the game wouldn't let you click on them or zoom in more closely. It would have been nice to have more objects to find or at least see.

The other thing I don't really care for about this game is that it seems to be pretty much the exact same thing every time. Other games have different "night scare" scenes that you sometimes get and sometimes don't and stuff like that. This game doesn't seem to have much of that. Other than the first time I played and kept getting demerits because I didn't know quite what I was doing, the game has been exactly the same for me each time. The texts come in at the same time and in the same order each game, the weather changes at the same time each game, even the gossip you hear while working at the snack shop seems to be pretty much the same every time. I wouldn't say the game doesn't have any replay value; it does because it's a fun game, but it doesn't have the same kind of "Hey, I never saw that before!" replay value that a lot of the other games do.

All in all, it's not my favorite game but I do think it's good and I do enjoy it.

My random comment: For someone who is competitive and supposedly highly skilled at sports and games, Leela sure is bad at air hockey. I'm terrible and I've beat her dozens of times.

My Rating: 7.5/10