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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • I gave this game a 9, but maybe it deserved a 10, because this is still one of my favorite games!


    - The mansion and areas that we explore are so atmospheric and beautiful. Plus, the weather outside changes over time, making this game very unique.

    - The characters. Very few ND games make me feel something about each character, but this one did. I pitied Rachel and Corine, felt a kinship to Mel, and found myself severely disliking Izzy and Leela. All have character development(woot!) and I still wish that I could have known them even better.

    - You can change things up by sneaking around at night.

    - The creepy Edger Allan Poe theme. Never read his books, but still cool.

    - Oh yes- and minigames!


    - For the most part the puzzles were hard. I had to use the message boards regularly.

    - Wish it had been longer? The fun ended too quickly!

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    • I voted 8 for the fact there was a lot of characters you could interact with but couldn't explore further than the Ramsey Hall building. Also, it was a bit too short. Puzzles was fun and loved the games and piano playing, chasing squirrel and pulling fire alarms. It made it all seem real but got boring when you was cooped up in one place.
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      • I love --- absolutely love--- WAC! It was one of the best games! I loved that we could text! And I loved all the people! I give 10!
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        • I'm one of the girls from the original Nancy Drew games generation, and fondly remember when Stay Tuned For Danger came out and how blown away I was by it. As the years have gone on, the games have become so semi hit or miss that it makes me wonder what ever happened to the amazing games they used to put out!

          WAA was a decent game. I liked that you could talk to a bunch of people, and the texting was an interesting aspect of the game.

          However, the plot twist wasn't as cool as they made it out to be, you're basically stuck in one building the entire time doing all the curriculum stuff the girls need to be doing in order to make valedictorian (doesn't that mean that you're in a way helping them cheat? if not, Nancy should've been in the running after all the stuff she had to do!). It was very short, the story wasn't that interesting, the culprit wasn't that big of a surprise and the ending was so anti climactic that I actually laugh out loud.

          It is really disappointing to see how good the games used to be, and how many times I almost went into cardiac arrest at the end with the timed events (STFD, TFS, GDOML for example), but the newer games take away that element and I feel like they're making to stories too easy for the younger/newer ND generation.

          My final score is 4/10. Could've been better, but it was nice to make cookies in the mini oven!


          • 9/10

            I loveee this game. It is my second or third favorite. The characters were lively and memorable. The plot was awesome. The snack shop game was fun! The puzzles were challenging, but not so challenging that you couldn't figure it out or needed help. The season change was neat too.