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~*~StarMaiden's WAC Review~*~

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  • ~*~StarMaiden's WAC Review~*~

    Hello everyone! This is only my second review so I hope it turns out okay!

    So when I finished RAN I have to say I was really disappointed, and when I saw the trailer for WAC at the end I really hoped that it was going to be better. It was, but I did have some problems with it.

    Plot: So the valedictorian candidates at Waverly Academy for Girls are getting notes from the Black Cat followed by creepy accidents. You are there to investigate said accidents and find out who is behind them. It was a good idea and I was especially interested in the first possibility of motive, which was to eliminate the competition. But I was a little disappointed when I found out this game was another treasure hunt. Honestly, how many people in the world keep secret journals leading to a treasure that end up being found by the same person, Nancy Drew? I know she's a great detective, but that's starting to push it a little.

    Graphics: I thought the graphics were amazing, although I thought that those for the snack shop were a little fuzzy, and I didn't think that when you saw Leela from far away she looked the same as up close. Overall though, this was great!

    Snooping: Something I was disappointed in. Like I said, the graphics were amazing, but you had such little opportunity to explore this beautiful place. If we could have just snooped through drawers or looked throughout the whole library, it would have made up the small amount of places we could go to (Ramsey Hall and its immediate outdoors). Also, I didn't like that there wasn't much difference between night and day snooping because you could really only see one more place at night, and you ended up seeing it on the last day no matter what. Better than RAN, but not the same as in the past.

    Puzzles: Not too many, not too hard, making this a great improvement over RAN. I liked that there was some variety here and they weren't just standard puzzles (remember color sudoku?).

    Characters: More characters makes this category, again, another improvement. They all had unique personalities and I thought they were pretty believable. I could actually apply some of their personalities to people I know in my own high school!

    Culprit: Kinda obvious, but at the same time, not. In the beginning it pretty much seems like it could be anyone, but you can narrow down your suspects almost completely by the end.

    Ending: I liked it. I miss actually catching the suspect, but I thought that one of the character's reactions that we watch was pretty funny and believable.

    Length: Really short. I finished this in less than a day with no puzzle spoilers, although I was playing on Junior (I usually start on Senior, but near the middle I was confused about what to do next so I switched just so I could see the checklist). But now that I'm replaying it again to get the awards, the length is still pretty short. This definitely could have been better.

    Overall: I liked this game, but it left much to be desired. The length and the snooping just aren't the same as the oldies but goodies, but it is an improvement over the last few. One of the reasons that I didn't see it as spectacular is because I was expecting to be immediately teleported back to "the good ol' days" of ND through this one game. WAC may not have been the time machine back to the old games, but I think HER has at least started building it. The next game looks like it could be a challenge for HER to make both realistic and interesting, but IMO if HER can come give us WAC from RAN, I have some hope.

    Thanks for reading and please share any comments or critiques!
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    Great review! I reckon now that we know about TOT, there could be some heavy snooping involved!=-)
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    I'm a Christian! :)

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