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Confused on pictures and stuck

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  • Confused on pictures and stuck

    I've found out about twins, opened the cellar wall and have no idea what to do next. I'm still stuck doing the first set of pictures and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've checked other spoilers to find the picture order and Rachel still says its wrong. Please help if you can.

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    Did you look at her notes on the site? They should say things like "good pan, bad zoom", ect.
    I rode the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon!
    I tamed the White Wolf of Icicle Creek!
    I unmasked the Phantom of Venice!
    I found the Ransom of the Seven Ships!
    I ignored the Warnings at Waverly Academy!
    I acted in the Final Scene!
    I was in Danger on Deception island!


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      it just says pictures in wrong order. I just have to figure out where each picture goes now. I have the info in the right order and its all correct.

      Spoilers would be nice and in the spoiler please tell me if the picture order is down the first column then to the next column or left to right.
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