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An interesting spin on Nancy games

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  • An interesting spin on Nancy games

    I've never been interested in the Dossier series, but I thought I'd try them out. The gameplay is drastically different from typical Nancy Drew games, but it provides fun in its own way. Nancy's off to the set of a movie to uncover some secrets.

    Key Points:

    This was the first game of the Dossier Series, which as of writing this only has two games. I think to call this a "hidden object" game may be slightly misleading. You view scenes and click different items to "use" them, and have to match them up to each other in order to proceed.

    The art is mostly hand-drawn, with nice, colorful backgrounds. The characters use 3D models, but you only see their faces in text boxes. The story is otherwise told through animated comic-strips, which is pretty fun.

    There are several mini-games to play, which are later unlocked in the main menu so you can shoot for a high score (which is incredibly easy to do). I have never been the type to enjoy mini games like these (I find them kind of boring and monotonous), but if you like mini games, then you'll probably find them fun! I found the balance to be off on the difficulty of the games. Some of the games rely more on chance, while others you have to pretty much try to fail.

    The story was pretty interesting, but never got too involved. It was a nice theme, and the characters had fun personalities, but it was overall pretty short and you never learn too much about anything.

    If you earn a high score, you can unlock an alternate ending. Unless you're amazing, you won't unlock the secret ending on your first playthrough. A second playthrough, however, is incredibly easy and goes by super-quick, since you already know what needs to be done for each scene, and which questions to ask.

    Overall, this isn't my type of game. I can see it being very entertaining for people who like mini-games. Beyond that, the puzzles are simple and there isn't much of a challenge in the game. I recommend checking it out, but to be honest, I wouldn't pay full price for it.