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Never played a dossier? Do it!

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  • Never played a dossier? Do it!

    My Lil' Review::

    This dossier format is so refreshingly different and fun!
    I really enjoyed LCC!
    The characters were great (and their graphics were good too).
    Lots of locations.
    This game felt surprisingly long.
    I love the arcade-style games instead of infuriating puzzles.
    It felt so good to never need a hint, tip, or spoiler through the entire game play.

    My only quibble: the ending was entirely unoriginal, ripped off from another
    normal ND game! Why, HeR, why?

    Still, doesn't stop me from wanting to play LCC again!
    (If you get enough points, you unlock a special ending,
    something I failed to do this first time around.)

    Verdict: Try a dossier game! It's fun!
    Just solved my first dossier! Summer break and I'm on an ND roll :)