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So I finally decided to give the Dossier Series a chance...

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  • So I finally decided to give the Dossier Series a chance...

    After years of skepticism toward the Dossier Series (for no identifiable reason), I finally decided to give it a chance... and I'm here to report my findings in the hopes that other skeptics will do the same!

    In regards to Lights, Camera, Curses!...


    - The artwork is beautiful and the animation is incredible. I know that people are always commenting on how realistic HeR's characters appear, particularly in recent games, but in LCC I swear that I watched their mouth movements and they lined up almost perfectly with the dialogue!
    - It's a new take, but it's still Nancy! Yes, game play is different, but there is still a mystery to be solved, suspects to be investigated, snooping to be done and puzzles to be completed!
    - The game is simple, but it's not mindless. I was able to complete LCC without seeking online help even once, but I still had to use my brain to do so. This was a nice change for me, because many of the games in the Adventure Series prove to be impossible for me to complete totally on my own - and I'm a college graduate! Sure, I love the challenge and the in-depth development of those games, but LCC is one that I can revisit when I'm looking for a more relaxing pastime!
    - Excelling at the game can score you an alternate ending, so there's definite replay value!
    - Detailed instructions are presented to the player within the game, and the player must complete one thing before moving onto another, so there's never any confusion as to what's next. Don't worry, though - Nancy still keeps a meticulous journal, per usual. (How does she find the time to write such extensive entries???)


    - The characters only move during certain parts of the conversations, which is a bummer (and also a bit weird) because the animation that does occur is so wonderful.
    - LCC is very short. I typically play my ND games for hours at a time over the course of a couple of days, but this is the only game that I've ever completed in one sitting. This can be a pro for the situations in which you haven't got a lot of time to invest in a game, but it can be a con when you think of the price. Luckily, I got my copy at a discount! (Thanks, HeR, for that weekend sale!)
    - Some puzzles become repetitive, so if you really don't like a puzzle, you're probably going to have to do it again at some point anyway. That said, they do increase in difficulty over time, providing new challenges!
    - You do not have free run of the grounds, but you still to see plenty of areas - it's not like you're stuck in one room the whole time!
    - Dialogue can be glitchy at times - could have just been my copy; didn't impact game play.
    - I didn't find LCC's story line to be anything too interesting, but it wasn't dreadfully boring, either.


    In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by the Dossier series - and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to prove my judgments wrong. LCC is a great, simple game that I think would be perfect for starter detectives, but it can still be enjoyed by a more mature player as well! If you're going to purchase just one of the Dossier games, however, I'd go with Resorting to Danger! - it's the same sort of idea as LCC, but its story line is more unique, game play is more streamlined, and HeR's clever sense of humor really shines through. Want to give both a try, but still not totally convinced? Check out your local library - they might have a copy!

    Thanks for reading! :) What did you think of LCC?

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    I completely agree with many of your sentiments. The Dossier series really was a fresh take on Nancy with some creative innovations (but it still was Nancy as you mentioned). When progressing from the first game (Lights, Cameras, Curses) to the second (Resorting To Danger) there are many improvements. It's a shame that Ship of Shadows was canceled, because the Dossier's were an innovative perspective that I felt HER Interactive needed. I found myself enjoying elements of the Dossier series more than some of the Adventure games. As mentioned, I also strongly advocate that if you haven't tried this series then you should at least check it out. Thanks for your overview, it was spot on!
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      Thanks for your response, whitewolf93! Seeing the trailer for Ship of Shadows bummed me out, because it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun! :( Either way, I can see myself replaying both of the Dossier games in the future, and I was seriously surprised by how much I enjoyed LCC and especially RED!