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Hmm. I like this unfolding of story/action...

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  • Hmm. I like this unfolding of story/action...

    I am still playing the game. I believe that the colorful crow puzzle is winnable even on my dinosaur 'puter. I think my good opinion will remain after I finish the game.

    I like this game because the narration keeps things moving along and Nancy's footprints/travels through the location give us a little rest between scenes.

    Nancy has much more to do here than find hidden objects. Each task leads to another task until finally the mystery is solved.

    I also like the poem which must be solved in order to progress in the game. The poem makes the game linear but, to my delight, reminds me of a poem in a 'three detectives' book which serves a similar purpose in its mystery. There, Jupe does most of the reasoning.

    (Imagine a mystery so convoluted and perplexing that only the new team of Nancy and Jupe can solve it. Is it possible to pair these two super-brains in a future game?)
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    I, too, was pleasantly surprised by the games in the Dossier series! However, I do prefer the story line of Resorting to Danger! and think that the second game is much more refined.