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Gawd, that was awful

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  • Gawd, that was awful

    Please forgive me, all who enjoyed this game. But, it really drove me nuts. There was so little thought and deduction involved. And, it was an insane amount of what I call "clam digging" (for those of you who have played DDI and remember trying to find enough clams to FINALLY get through that section of the game). I thought I was doing very well: only asked 2 wrong questions the whole game and did at least 2 levels on each matching "Bonus rounds." But, I sat at the top level of detective for about 8-9 chapters and never unlocked the special ending. And, some of the arcade games could not be won because you had to wait and wait and wait for the color or piece that you needed to fit your pattern to appear as an option. I tried out this game because I really was having trouble with the time commitment of the adventure series. But, I would rather go back to those and stay up until 2AM than ever try a Dossier game again.
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    Sorry you didn't like this game ._.
    I agree that sometimes the minigames could get really difficult and time-consuming. I did really enjoy the way the games were played though. Thanks so much for sharing your opinion!
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