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Crows are impossible to get rid of. Help!

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  • Crows are impossible to get rid of. Help!

    Well here I am again. I quit this frustrating game months ago but out of boredom and cold weather I decided to try it again. After all I just went back to Waverly Acadamy and conquered the squirrel! That made me think I could get rid of the crows. Is there any trick to it. I got down to 3 and then there was more. No fair having them come back!

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    It's a tricky task. It might take a few tries, because you have to sort of memorize where certain coloured-items are. That's pretty much what I do--make note of what items are where and do what I can to beat it the first time, but it usually takes a few tries.
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      Lol. This part was hard for me too but I figured it out. Here is the spoiler.

      Click on the batteries that are on the left side of the scene and then click on the flashlight icon at the bottom
      • There is a colored bar at the bottom, that is your timer. The yellower the bar is the more time you have left on the clock.
      • Your goal is to pair up the crows with an object of the same color.
      • If you don't make it on time you have to start all over again. You have to match 15 crows with 15 objects and then you have to match a black cat with a crow that is totally black.
      • If you look at the screenshot I provided, I only circled all the items of the same color and I did not number them on purpose. It doesn't matter which red crow you mix with what red object as long as they are one and one of each.

      Hope this helped!
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        What can I do to keep the crows from coming back

        I have plenty of time but the crows keep coming back. I know I shot more than fifteen. Do you save the cat and crow till last or what is the trick. I know I should have got them all gone by now. I must not be doing something right as the yellow bar runs out and comes back on about three times whilel I am shooting crows. Any other tips are welcome.


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          Basically you have to be fast, remember where all the colors of both birds are and objects. It took me quite a many tries to get it.

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