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Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting To Danger!

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  • Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting To Danger!

    Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger!

    Story: Nancy is off to the Redando. To figure who is behind the mishaps! I thoughtfully enjoyed the story. You always wonder what's going to happen.

    Characters: Each character was amazing! They each had a motive to destroy the Redando. They are a lot like the cast in the first game, ''Lights, Camera, Curses!''

    Cassidy Jones: He's the lonely receptionist at the Redando. He spends a lot of time by him-self. I wonder why?

    Helfdan Helgason: The man behind the wonderful prudects. Is he really behind the actidents too?

    Jasmine Ivy: The famous actress like her sister. AKA: Eda Brooks from ''Lights, Camera, Curses!'' Are they working together to make money for them-selfs?

    Joanna Brown: She is the jaintor, and boy is she tough looking. She gets really touching when her brother is brought up. Does he have something to do with this?

    Mrs. Montague: She and her dog Mr. Mingles are spoiled people. She get's whatever she wants. What does she mean by everything?

    Nick Bleski: He loves money, and it shows! What is he really doing for money?

    Puzzles: I enjoyed the puzzles in this game. A lot of them are clever, tough, and fun! The fun thing about the puzzles is that they're combind with mini games, and logical games.

    Backgrounds/Grapics: Unlike the first game, the setting of this game is bright. Is not a depressing mood that LCC gives. The characters had the most funniest face expressions I've ever seen!

    Music: I thought the music was fantasic! The peaceful music was so relaxing. And the danger music was tense.

    Ending: Again unlike LCC there are different ending you can choose. Which ever character you hate you can pick to be the culprit.

    What Didn't Work?
    The only thing I didn't like about RED is this one annoying, long, puzzle.

    Aubrey's Rating System


    Should I Get It?

    Yes! I think you will love the setting, characters, puzzles.

    Buy It Now!
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    Which was the puzzle you found annoying? Maybe you could start a thread on the game discussions board because you can't post spoilers here.
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