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Resorting to Danger my review #3

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  • Resorting to Danger my review #3

    Well to start off I love Nancy Drew Dossier I have both the games. I loved the storyline that a mad bomber was bombing the Redondo! The game has six alternate endings and you get to pick the culprit. I to be honest think I picked the right culprit. The games to be honest were a bit hard, I really didn't enjoy defusing the bombs but I liked decoding the message. And the great thing was you could play the mini games again and again. So I didn't really like the games so 3/5.
    I loved the cartoon cut scenes. But besides the games the game is brilliant.

    I'd rate this 8/10! Tell me what you think!
    "Don't bother telling me what happened because I was stalking you both. *mopes in corner and dies*" - Bess Marvin, MED

    The Good News: You really showed that tree who's boss!
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