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An improvement over the first

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  • An improvement over the first

    After trying the first Dossier game, I had to try the second. I was not a huge fan of the first one, just because it was not my type of game, but I wanted to give the second one a chance.

    Key Points:

    The puzzles in this game are much more fun than in the first game, in my opinion. They seemed more "puzzle-like" and required more thinking. The arcade mode consisted of scores that aren't as easy to beat. Good luck!

    There are multiple (6) endings in the game. For the most part, the game doesn't change significantly. Without giving too much away, there's one specific point in the game where your responses determine which ending you will get, so it's pretty easy to get all of the endings if you want them, albeit a bit tedious.

    Depending on what ending you go for, you will be able to explore different scenes. (By scenes I mean one location with a set of match-ups to solve). There will always be the same scenes that you must play through, but may be in a different order. There are some, however, that will be new to you if you choose a different ending.

    The backgrounds are hand-drawn, like in the first game, but the quality has increased. The Spa is colorful and interesting and is pretty fun to explore. The characters are 3D, and they each have a fun personality.

    The "inventory" bar has improved from the first game. There are more options, which will change depending on what scene you are viewing (such as lift, scratch, pull), and it looks much nicer. Otherwise, the matching of items to progress in the story remains the same.

    The Dossier series still isn't my favorite, but I found the second game in the series to be a lot more fun and engaging. At the end there's a preview for a third game called "Ship of Shadows" that was never released. I would have been interested to see what it was like, but to be honest, I think the premise seems interesting enough for a regular Nancy game. It would be cool if they recycled the concept. Overall, if you liked the first game in the Dossier series, you will definitely like this one. If you want to try a Dossier game and haven't played the first one, spring for this one instead of the first.