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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

    Come rate this game for us and give us your overall opinion. We want to know. You can make your vote and then either post and explain why you rated it as you did (without game event or cultprit name/gender spoilers). OR just provide us with a link to a past review you may have written. This is meant to be helpful to all those gamers who may not have played this game yet and come here to find out what we thought of it. So keep that in mind when posting please. Thank you!!
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    8/10. I had some problems, but more good things with this game. So much better then the last dossier game. I wasn't disappointed.
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      I really enjoyed this game. The mini games were fun and the puzzles were good. I will give it a 9.
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        It is a very good game. Although, I kind of wish they would've kept the same feel that they had on LCC. RED felt a little bit like an adventure game to me. And I wish they would've kept the same graphics as LCC. Like the way they drew everything. But, it was a wonderful game and I give it an 8 out of 10.

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          It completely deserves a 9! I fell in love with this game as soon as I started. The twists and turns during the game kept you holding your breath! I suspected everyone until the very end. I loved everything about this game! It had a few "mishaps" like one of Nancy's lines would repeat before moving on, but it didn't take away from the game. Overall, this game was very well done. It has become one of my personal favorites.
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            I think is amusing and fun to play. I also like the multiple endings. but I wish there were more bonus rounds and more funny credits. Other than that, i think this game diserves a big 9
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              This was my first dossier game. I liked it a lot. Had a little trouble with the bombs as the game got harder but it wasn't a big deal. I rated it a 10 because I can play it over again several times without getting bored.


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                I absolutley loved this game!!! It was so much fun!!! I loved the plot, characters, puzzles, graphics, and everyhing about it!!!! the length was perfect, and I wasn't once bored during the game. The puzzles were hard, but not to hard. I loved everyone of the puzzles (except the greek god puzzle) Great job on RED HeR!!
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                  7/10 almost gave it an 8, I'm starting to warm up to the dossier's and this one was much better than the last. I bet the next will be even better, good job HER!
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                    9! This game was really fun and kept me busy and into it for awhile. There were interesting mini puzzles and characters. I've only beat it once, but will most likely play it again sometimes soon 0 though it might be a little while since I just played it! Good game!
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                      10! Really loved the game and it was very entertaining. I thought this game was so much better than the last one. I cannot wait for the next one!

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                        Loved the game!

                        I really Liked the game! I think it is worth a try!
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                          ok, i SERIOUSLY loved this game.
                          i rated it a 9 only because of a really difficult puzzle near the end.

                          this is my first dossier game, and i am in LOVE with
                          the series! HER definitly is on the right track with this series!

                          Especially this one, RED, it had a lot of replay value,
                          the animation scenes were fun, the puzzles kept you on your toes but weren't too difficult [except for that one], the characters were interesting.....i could go on and on!

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                            Compared to LCC, RED was okay. I loved LCC, but I think RED was a bit too girly for me, and some of the mini-games got really repetitive. And, like Katia said, I felt that HeR included puzzles in here that should've been in adventure games, not dossier games.
                            But overall I gave it an 8/10, it definitely deserves it!
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                              This was a funny and very enjoyable game. I especally love Mr Mingles.
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