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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    10 out of 10!!! Great job!!! I am lovin the dossier series!!!! Keep it up HER!!!!


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      8/10 - It was pretty fun, and much better than the first. I'm not that fond of the Dossier series idea, but I actually liked this one.


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        Great game!

        I really like the Dossier series. They are fast and fun. The mini-games are great and easy to access. I've been waiting Forever for the next installment. Please make it soon.


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          Ok well...I have to say Herinteractive should stick to making the original Nancy Drew series. In my opinion, the dossier series are really boring to me. Puzzles are way to easy. I think I'm just going to stick the the original Nancy Drew series.

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            This game was interesting and fast paced. It was a lot of fun! The only thing was that the little mini games got a little tedious after a while. Also, there was one task, in the garden, that was sooo long and drawn out that I got seriously bored.
            The characters were okay, nothing truly special.

            I overall enjoyed the game and look forward to playing it again soon


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              I gave this game a rating of 5/10. The puzzles were ok but their are other games availible for me to play that are just like this game. I will be sticking to the original nancy drew games.


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                I rated this game a 10. I liked it even more than the first Dossier game. The minigames are really fantastic -- I start the game up sometimes just to replay some of those. I've played this one probably 20 times and I never get tired of it. It's definitely a favorite for me.
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                  A fun and interesting way to play ND

                  I've never really given the dossier games much thought to play because they are nothing like the regular game series. I have to say that I am really impressed with both of the dossier games. This one was definitely provided enough challenge that I couldn't blast through the game in one sitting, but wasn't so difficult that I led me to get frustrated and stop playing. I love the different characters but HER has always been great in their character developments. Even though its nothing like the regular series, the dossier games have their own kind of charm that make them fun to play over and over again. And I absolutely love references to the regular ND series. I laugh to myself when I find them. 10 out of 10 and I can't wait for another one.


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                    I think this is a great game (and a wonderful side series). I give it 10/10.

                    For a more detailed opinion and description of the game, here is my review:
                    Superb Fun with Great Replay Value

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