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where are the arrowheads and what do they look like

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  • where are the arrowheads and what do they look like

    know i just posted but need help - yet again.
    Could some one PLZ tell me WHERE each arrowhead is and WHAT it looks like??? PLZZZZ!!!omg! so hard

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    You are playing the mobile version of the game, correct? Here are the arrowhead locations:
    1. bottom left, gray arrow near big rock
    2. on left, gray arrow near prickly bush
    3. left, center, gray arrow behind a bush, near a rock
    4. left on the rock ledge where there is a gap of space
    5. bottom, tan colored arrow, between a small rock and a very large rock
    6. gray arrow in the bushy area on right
    7. center, tan arrow next to a very large rock
    8. right, tan arrow in between a set of 3 rocks and a set of 2 rocks
    9. top right, gray arrow, to the right of a large rectangular rock
    10. top center, gray arrow, right in front of 2 large flat stones

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