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I'm Happy to Tell You What I Think Of This Game...

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  • I'm Happy to Tell You What I Think Of This Game...

    Since we have been asked us to tell what we think of this game, I am happy to oblige.

    I think this game is a terrible waste of time and resources. Die-hard Nancy Drew fans have been waiting for years for MID to be released, yet HER expends its time and resources releasing still another game that has nothing to do with the game it promised fans years ago.

    Of course, there are those who – like me – have given up on Her ever releasing another classic Nancy Drew title. Still, releasing games like Odyssey is a slap in the face to those of us who have purchased games 1-32 and waited with actual hope for the release of MID.

    This is not a classic Nancy Drew game and that is what we've all been wanting. If we wanted a science lesson, we can purchase science books. And, how much can you actually learn when you have motion sickness from the weird camera angles? Of course, we could learn the mathematics of the arc of the projectile vomiting due to the screen movements.

    So, you asked me what I think of this game, and this is what I think of it. Had you not asked, I probably would have kept my opinion to myself.

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    Awesome...the review below this awesome

    I am giddy with joy that someone else thinks that this game is a poor substitute for the Nancy Drew games promised after Lani”s departure. Her Interactive had a responsibility to their loyal fans to be straight with us and they have not. If we do not voice our opinions on the forums and social media, they will not hear us. Good for you for telling them the truth.


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      I watched the video they have on the game's page and it's pretty obvious that this was 100% outsourced and made in India. I doubt any part of this game was made by the HER team we have come to know and love. Especially since apparently everyone in the company has been fired. I won't be wasting my money. Thanks for confirming that I shouldn't waste my time.


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        Originally posted by sassyspy View Post
        I doubt any part of this game was made by the HER team
        HeR has said many times that they didn't make the game, they just "collaborate" with the actual devs to sell the game on their site.

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