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  • Motion sickness

    This may be very common with video games, but I do not play very much.

    I notice that when I play Odyssey, I find the constant motion a little distracting, and sometimes find myself looking at the ground, or the sky at an awkward angle. This causes me to feel dizzy, and my neck begins to cramp a bit (as if my body knows that the view in the game is odd if I were there in real life).

    I'm focused more on simply moving around rather than finding Kai, how blue the tropical water is, or a pretty constellation puzzle. It was a little off-putting that moving around was causing me more stress than I had anticipated, but I feel a sense of accomplishment after figuring out how to arrange a solar model into a proper eclipse.

    The island is a little lonely though. Kai's journals are a nice touch, but even then it seems too impersonal. I wish that I had a funny companion with me as we played the game to say funny things such as, "Wow! Cool stars!" or "Good job!" (Kai just seems too far away). Or someone to meet on the island.