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Hpw tp get past first solar/lunar eclipse puzzle?

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  • Hpw tp get past first solar/lunar eclipse puzzle?

    I have the Odyssey solutions, but even with that, I can't get past this point. The most recent thing I did was sit in the stool and create the eclipses. I went through the short tunnel and turned right, but the door was only halfway open. So I went back and did the eclipses again, and then the door was all the way open. However, the pdf says there should be a table and the pictures show it's in sort of a room, but all I have is like a cement balcony. Spoilers please as I am so stuck....thank you!


    I had been cranking the cranks the wrong way. I did them the opposite way, and then the door in the hallway to the left opened (go into the hallway and go to the left). Before you go to the hallway don't forget to click on the panel on the game and you will get something that will help you in the next steps
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