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  • YES! Blog is cool

    I love all the hints and clues on the blog! This new board is really cool. :up: :up:

    And look - we get to post our own threads now! woohoooo!!! Thanks HI!

    I guess I should add my own thoughts about what I read. I definitely think there will be a Sarah and/or Heather in one of the upcoming games, cuz I read some doodling on that. I like how they say there might be different accents? German, french, and something else (I forget, I was so excited! lol :o) Anyway, that's all for now! :D;)
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    Have you ever been to Paris, France? Well , preparez-vous , because that's where my next mystery adventure takes place! I'm going to be the assistant to Minette , a famous fashion designer! I'll be working undercover to find out why she's been acting so peculiar lately --throwing tantrums , firing people-- she's even started wearing a mask for no apparent reason. Her studio is in this spooky - looking , centruries old moulin-- that's French for windmill. Ofcourse that doesn't have anything to do with her strange behavior -- or does it? Only one way to find out . Help solve my next case ,Danger By Design . A la prochaine!

    That is what Nancy says in the trailer. I know there is a character who looks a bit like an older man, maybe heavy set...someone like a lumberjack or even Jim Archer from SOC.

    I also found out that there is something about a threat delivery...possibly to Nancy?
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      I saw that threat thing, too! It's supposed to be at like, the begining of the game. Maybe the threat is to Minnete and thats whay she's acting so strange...
      she was on her way to mars
      then she ran INTO A STAR é
      é and she fell into my arms
      thank you [ gravity! ]
      ....................`•-•*.....`•.,¸_¸,.•‘............©rainy+Jonas Brothers

      Okay guys, I need your help! Head on over to this thread! Clicky!


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        Or maybe the threat is delivered at the beginning of the game to Nancy, and that is like the " grabber ". You know how there is one at the start of every game. Like in TRN,
        when Lori dissapears!
        I dunno, you might be right cause that is a good suggestion! I guess we will have to check out the blog for more clues. I wonder what that painting of the thing that looks like a fishing rod and bee hive in the blog means. It must have something to do with the mystery, but what? I'll keep doing research and PRAYING that a HI enploye will give us a decent hint that doesn't keep you struggling for hours. (I am sure I had a few miss spelled words in the sentence, sry!) lol :)
        "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you." ~Winnie the Pooh