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QK and her Camp!?

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  • QK and her Camp!?

    I was just reading the bolg entry "Shhhh" and is it ever confusing!:

    On other news, we just figured out what QK will be doing in her camp and oh boy, is it ever funny! A 1st for Nancy Drew mysteries, that's for sure!

    I guess QK is a person for HI and is camp, like, the "area" she works in!? And a 1st for ND games? Huh, sure would help to know what department QK works in......
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    I think you may have a piont.


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      I think...

      I think QK is a character in DAN and she/he is at a camp. She/he does something that hasen't ever been in a Nancy Dew game, and it's funny.
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          Remember in SOC how when you were driving around delivering telegrams there was a camp that you went to a couple of times? Well, maybe one of the people from that camp or the whole camp is like going on a trip to France. Probably not, but its just an idea.


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            Maybe we get to see one of the camp counclers that shows up again, maybe as the cameo, though i dont see a camp councler as very eccentric. I'm proably wrong, but, it's an idea, right??????