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  • nikeheart
    Amateur Sleuth Blog

    The Amateur Sleuth blog is where Her Interactive employees (such as Summer_Sleuth, Novel_Sleuth, and Little Jackalope) write daily postings about life behind the scenes at Her Interactive. This blog also features the Weekend Puzzle on Fridays, which occasionally is a contest.
    Feel free to leave comments on the blog, but don't worry if it doesn't show up right away. For everyone's safety, all comments are moderated first before going live.
    Weekend Puzzles:
    We will post a fun puzzle, riddle or code for you to solve, just for a little weekend fun on Fridays, or the last business day of the week. These puzzles can be discussed here on the boards, but please be sure to use spoiler code when posting your answers so that everyone has a fair chance at solving it themselves. Example:
    This is spoiler code.
    How it's done: [spoiler*]This is spoiler code.[/spoiler] but without the asterisk*. Puzzle hints will be posted each day the following week until the blogger notices someone solved it. Once it has been solved, the blogger will post the solution and answer in spoiler code in the following blog post (often Monday or Tuesday).
    Weekend Puzzle Contests:
    Occasionally, the weekend puzzle will also be a contest! Keep an eye out for those special puzzles, (you can tell by the title of the post. For example: "Weekend Puzzle #129 = Contest!")
    After solving the puzzle, you may submit your answer or entry to [email protected] and follow any extra directions on that blog post. Winners are selected randomly only from the correct entries. See the blog post for how long the contest runs and what prize(s) are involved. You may discuss and help each other on the boards, but keep in mind the use of spoiler codes.

    Read the new blog post. Since the blog is now hosted within the Her Interactive site, you may re-post this link on the message board.
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  • nikeheart
    Twitter Feed

    Her Interactive Twitter Feed (do not repost this link)

    We have started a Twitter feed - posting short messages more frequently throughout the day probably in the form of cryptic messages. You DO NOT need an account on Twitter to follow our updates - just simply click on the link above.

    If you do decide to join Twitter, please keep in mind that Twitter is a social networking site that is not moderated or affiliated with Her Interactive.

    We highly recommend that you lock your Twitter profile (close it off to strangers) so only your friends can see your updates. You can do this by going to the “Settings” tab in the Twitter toolbar and checking the box towards the bottom of the page marked “Protect my updates”(don’t worry, you will still be able to see HI’s updates)

    As always, you should never reveal any personal information about yourself.

    Personal information includes:
    - real name
    - address: street, city, zip (state/province is ok)
    - email
    - phone number
    - age, birth year
    - messenger screen names

    You may only discuss the comments that Her Interactive has posted on the feed here on the message board.

    Please direct members to either this post or the Her Interactive Community page where the Twitter link can be found.

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  • nikeheart

    I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the next newsletter, so here are some tips to make sure that you get it!

    1) Sign up! Receive emails about product announcements, news and sales.
    - Sign up early so you don't miss the cutoff date for the next newsletter. Her Interactive likes to surprise fans with newsletters sometimes, so make sure you're on our list.
    - Check your browser settings to see if you can transmit data

    2) You should receive a confirmation email almost immediately after you sign up. Follow the directions in the email so we know that you're using a real email address.
    - If you don't receive a confirmation email, check your junk mail and spam folders. Your email may have filtered it.

    3) Her Interactive generally sends newsletters once a month, but sometimes more if a new game is going to be released.

    4) If you don't receive the newsletter a day after everyone else does,
    - Check your junk mail and spam folder
    - Add [email protected] to your allowed senders list
    - Contact [email protected]

    5) If you don't receive any pictures in your email,
    - Change your security settings in your email program to allow picture downloads
    - You may be using a text only email service that does not allow pictures

    6) Check the newsletter archive for old issues or pictures you may have missed.

    What cool new things do you think will be in next month's newsletter? :)
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  • nikeheart
    started a topic Social Media

    Social Media

    Coming soon!

    Her Interactive is creating a blog - an online journal where developers and employees can post their thoughts. Discussions and comments about the blog can be posted here.

    The website for the blog will be revealed Wednesday 1/18 through the newsletter, so make sure you're a subscriber.
    Sign up for the newsletter

    Read the latest blog post! *Please note: since the web site re-design update in March/April of 2014, the DARE to PLAY blog is no longer running. All old D2P posts have been merged into the Amateur Sleuth Blog. If you are looking for our latest news and updates, please see our home page, review the latest newsletters, or read the recent Amateur Sleuth Blog posts.
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