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  • Whisperer97
    hey, i agree

    i don't even mind that they're changing the board

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  • Togo-a-go-go
    started a topic The new board

    The new board

    Hey HI users,
    I was thinking, since it is Thanksgiving, how we should be thankful what HI is doing for us. They're still making Nancy Drew games, and they hold fun contests for us often. But we're all kind of complaining about a fairly minor change that HI worked very hard to achieve. Even if you don't like the color or the way it's layed out, some people worked very hard to get it that way. Plus, this isn't the first time HI has changed the boards. Now, this is way different then last time but it still isn't the first time.
    Those are just my thoughts. take it with a grain of salt.
    Happy Thanksgiving,