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    In my opinion, I think the characters look wonderful! I don't like how Bess and Georges appearances changed so dramatically, but I still think they look good! Anyone elses opinions?

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    I love them! I'm wondering why Ned is a cartoon while everyone else isn't? I'm so excited to meet these characters that we've been reading about for so long!
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      Whoa, awesome find!

      I love that there are so many suspects! This will make the game a whole lot of fun I expect.

      It's interesting that Ned is just a drawing. I guess we won't actually see him?

      As for Bess and George... *sigh* It's weird that their appearances changed, just like the Hardys did from TRN to CRE. It's rather annoying.

      I'm excited to see Chief McGinnis though! He has always been one of my favourite characters from the books.
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        Originally posted by titanicgurl View Post
        I love them! I'm wondering why Ned is a cartoon while everyone else isn't? I'm so excited to meet these characters that we've been reading about for so long!
        I'm wondering the same thing too! I'm thinking either he is like Bess in RAN where she was kidnapped and didn't want to show her out of game, or its like in CRY where we really don't see him, but just play him.


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          I thought they all looked great. (Although, Bess and George's changes are weird. George looks fine, Bess looks a bit like Emma Thompson though. ? XD)

          I just have to say I'm SO glad they're going with the origional books Cheif McGinnis though! Not the newer "I can't stand Nancy" cop he is in the Girl Detective ones with Deirdre. :) It'll be very interesting to see Deirdre herself as a character.

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            I really like these characters! I love the changes in the way Bess and George look.. They look more like I pictured them. AND DEIRDRE IS IN THIS GAME!!!! I totally thought about that earlier but some people said they didn't really think so. But she is! Thats so cool! An Cheif McGinnis!!! He looks PERFECT! But with all these characters... most of them are Nancy's friends... Who would frame her?

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              Originally posted by TARDIS View Post
              I just have to say I'm SO glad they're going with the origional books Cheif McGinnis though! Not the newer "I can't stand Nancy" cop he is in the Girl Detective ones with Deirdre. :) It'll be very interesting to see Deirdre herself as a character.
              Ditto for all that. I'm glad he (so far) comes off as supportive of Nancy, rather than seeing her as a nuisance the way he's portrayed in the newer books.
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                Guys, I actually don't think we'll be seeing Ned. We'll be playing as Ned, but we won't ever see him. (Kind of like it is with Nancy.) Why do I say this, you ask? Well, HeR had a sketch of him for the characters page, meaning they still want to keep his identity secret. Unless, they just want it to be an even bigger surprise once we buy the game? Okay that's possible also. But those of you who really wanted to see Ned, this including myself, I'm just warning you, maybe we won't be able to. I still am hoping we see him in the game though. *rachel crosses her fingers tightly*

                At first scrolling through the list of suspects I was shocked! 9 characters? And then it clicked that Bess, George and Ned are not suspects, and Chief Mcginnis really isn't either. Unless he's a crooked cop? It's a possibility but I don't think so. :P
                This leaves us with Brenda, Dierdre, Alexei, and Toni. I'm content with 4 main suspects though. :) All of their motives seem good also. :)

                Was anyone else really excited about this? This was underneath Ned's profile. "...even if it means using his charm and handsome features to learn more information and distract suspects. " Haha wouldn't it be awesomee if we could get Deidre and Brenda to talk to us more about the case by captivating them with Ned's good looks? That would be funny. And also, this under Bess's profile: "Her skill in gossiping could lure the right information out of a suspect, so long as her brain doesn't freeze from eating too much ice cream." I'm thrillled about two things. We get to gossip just as Bess always is doing on the phone with us, and also, we get to eat ice cream!

                Is it just me or do George and Chief Mcginnis look more animated than all the other characters? (Other than Ned since he's supposed to look that way I think...)

                Well, I can't wait for the game! It's kind of annoying that Bess and George were changed since I was fine with how they looked before. Sure, maybe some tweaking, but Bess looks like she lost one hundred pounds. Don't get me wrong, I lovee the new Bess since she looks great, but she just looks like a totally different person than before. It's like comparing a hot dog to a hamburger. No, not a chicken patti to a hamburger, or a veggie burger to a burger, or a turkey burger to a burger, but a hot dog. Totally different. And George looks similar to the way she did before; she just has a new hair cut, and I can't tell much else due to the poor image of her.

                I kind of wish we could've met Carson, too, but I guess we can't have it all. Overall I am very pleased though. My accolades, HeR. I can't wait for the game!

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                  First off,

                  I'm SO excited!!!

                  Okay. Haha. Now.

                  I love the many suspects list! 8 of them! Wowee, this game is going to be like probably the bestest yet! I just can't wait!

                  Ned;; Hmm I'm not too sure why he is in 'cartoon' form, but I guess we'll have to find out till the game!!! (Can't wait for preorders to start on the 25th, or 26th, which ever) Also, if you notice on the box cover, You see a teenage guy with the NEWLY improved Bess and George, so I think that's Ned!!! I mean, who else would it be?! Plus that teenage guy, who defnitly looks like Ned, is in 3D form! Hopefully thats not "all" we'll get to see of him!

                  Bess and George;; Well, what can I say? It is rather annoying how they keep changing looks, but I think that Bess looks much much prettier - she also looks more girlish. But George... well I liked her better in RAN. ): Oh well...

                  Chief McGinnis;; Oh my good golly gosh! He looks EXACTLY like how i imagined him in the books to look like! I love how HeR portrayed his character! An infity thumbs up HeR! Like, you just made my day!!! (: ♥

                  And how they do Brenda Carlton and the news? Hehe i just think that is sooo cute, like no joke!

                  I can't WAIT for this game to come out. I seriously hope that it won't be like some of the other newer games, where I'm so excited, but then I was like, this game isn't fun.

                  Anyhoo, I was going to start a thread concerning this, but you beat me to it! hehhe.

                  +; ana

                  P.S. # so excited!!
                  P.P.S. Also, how some of the characters are animated, like bess and chief McGinnis aren't like the other ones, and Ned is in cartoon, maybe they won't stay like that. Maybe HeR may change those pictures sometime later...
                  Taking a break. See you all soon!


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                    There are so many suspects in this case! And I'm pretty suprised that they are showing Ned because I know some people really wanted to see while others really wanted it to be a secret like how we've never really seen Nancy since we all have our own interpretation of her. Though I must say I am rather curious as to why he is shown as a cartoon like some of you said..... Over all I honestly can't wait for this game. Everyone has wanted a game in River Heights. And these Characters just look so great. Also I like how Bess and George look its much better then RAN.
                    Actually the game kinda reminds me of a post that I made quite some time ago about how cool it would be if there was a case in River Heights and Nancy was in trouble where she had to clear her name because someone had framed her.
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                      I would guess that the 4 suspects look more like ND characters because HER probably spent more time on them, because Bess, George, and Chief McGinnis all look fuzzy and more 2D than the rest. Bess not as much but still a bit ;) Toni though! She looks amazing in the sense of realism! Deirdre too! I have to say though, Brenda's hair still bugs me lol.

                      Rachel, you might be right about no Ned :( But then again, they hid Bess for the RAN page, we only got to see her in the game ;) Maybe it'll be this way with Ned?

                      EDIT:: Just thought of something; HER has never ever put a phone friend on the character page :) That would mean that Ned is in the game, they just want to keep his looks a surprise That's my theory
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                        I really don't like the way Deirdre looks! I've always pictured her with blond hair. Oh, well. Maybe Her is going to change Bess and George look every game they appear in to make more people happy. That's a thought.
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                          If we're just going to play as Ned and not see him, I don't think his picture would be up there, like in CRY. If you go to it's character profiles page, Bess doesn't have a picture up on there. I think HeR is just saving the picture for a surprise when the game actually comes out, then we'll get to see him then!
                          I was thinking, Bess looks pretty weird. She looks like an adult with really big fish-eyes. Ha, well, she's not that bad. I can't wait for this game!
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                            Is it just me or are some characters more refined than others? Toni, Alexi, and the Chief look fine but everyone else..? Brenda looks very cartoonish and George kinda looks like she came out of the Dossier series. Is it just me? I don't mind too much that they changed Bess and George, as long as their voices are still the same and that they stay like this for the rest of the games. I still going to keep an open mind and hope they all look better in person. And I can't wait to see Ned!
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                              I like George's new look. Much better than her look in RAN. Still wish her hair was curly (because that's how I picture her).
                              I very much disliked Bess's appearence in RAN, and it looks like her new appearence will be better, but she looks a little old. (Older than 18, anyway).

                              They're probably keeping Ned's 3D appearance a secret. For now, at least.

                              All the other profiles looked good!
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