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    Yeah, I like the old graphics better. Bess and George look so different. I don't know why they made them look so different. Maybe it was because everybody was saying how that's not how they imagined them and stuff like that.
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      There are 5 characters besides Nancy's friends! yay! But only 4 of them are suspects. So at least there are more characters to work with.

      I don't like that they changed bess and george, I think they looked fine before and actually looked more believable really.

      I'm a bit sad that we don't get to see Ned, but honestly I don't really want to see him because they keep changing bess and george and they may do that to ned too. I hope not though!

      I'm wondering, will nancy being doing any real detective work at all? Because how much info can you find out at the River Heights PD?

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        O. M. G. (gosh) I am SO excited!! When I found out the character profiles were up I literally screamed!! Like, seriously EIGHT (not yelling; excited) characters! EEEP!! I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best game ever!! I'll have to get used to Bess and George's new look..they look like they got plastic surgery, but whatever, I'm still happy to have them in the game again!! The cartoon version of Ned looks pretty good, although he looks a little young, but besides that he looks awesome! I was super excited to see Chief McGinnis in the game! I didn't think he was going to be in the game! He looks just like I pictured him!! (And he looks like the guy who played him in the 2007 movie) I was also surprised to see Diedre in the game..wasn't expecting that, but that's okay, I've always wondered how HeR would make her in a game, and now I get to find out!! I'm also happy to see Brenda Carlton is gonna be in the game! The other characters, Alexei and Toni seem interesting too!

        Originally posted by meatloafbandit View Post
        EDIT:: Just thought of something; HER has never ever put a phone friend on the character page :) That would mean that Ned is in the game, they just want to keep his looks a surprise That's my theory
        That's what I figured. I imagine their just keeping Ned's 3D appearance a secret...if you remember in RAN they kept Bess's looks a secret until the end of the game when we found her! I hoping their just letting us be surprised with Ned!

        Okay, I'm done! Sorry this is really long...I'm just super excited!!
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          I think Toni looks amazing, but some of the other characters do look a little blurry. Mostly I think it's because the backgrounds are sooo amazing now, that it's hard to create characters that are as realistic.
          Brenda: I don't like the hair, but I do like that HeR mixes things up with style and creates a diversity. In the trailer, I thought she looked really disconnected from the background image - more so than in the profile pictures - and I'm kind of concerned about that.
          Deirdre: She's not quite as drop-dead gorgeous as I always thought she would be, but I do like the accessories and slick, modern look.
          Alexei: In the trailer, he looked kind of... deformed. Hopefully this won't be apparent throughout the game. The antique shop is very interesting, though--especially since we thought there would be a antique shop in CAP. Maybe we'll finally get to enter one!
          Toni: Perfect. Not thrilled about the ice cream shop idea, but she looks fantastic.
          Ned: I cannot wait to see him. I agree that he's 2D here because it's going to be an unveiling thing. People who are purusing buying the game might not want to see what he looks like.
          Bess: A lot better than RAN.
          George: Anyone else think her neck looks crazily thin? She has no definition in her face.
          Chief McGinnis: Perfect. And the look on his face... priceless. Pure McGinnis.

          Anyone else notice that Deirdre and Bess both have the same background in their pictures? It looks like they're both at the ice cream shop.
          And Brenda... is at a TV station? Woah! That's super exciting!


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            i :hreat: ned he is soooooo cute i m so cited for this game iss going to be the bestest ever ther so many charcters bnut they shoud had hearty boys they are best!!! i relly like diedre she so pretty like a cat!1 mew!!!! but why does the man hav a girl nam. i think her made mistak and he is disposed to be toni and toni is be alexi.
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              I don't like Brenda's

              I think HER did a really good job on designing everyone, especially Ned. I was soo worried they would make him look nothing like I pictured him to look like but I'm completely satisfied because they made him look really good. I don't like how Bess looks...I mean I'm glad she's thinner than she was in RAN and her hair seems to be straighter and a bit longer, but I think her face in RAN just fit her personality. She seemed so quirky but now she looks...normal. lol That sounds mean, but Bess is Bess and I don't think she looks too much like Bess anymore. I just wish they made her face in RAN a bit more realistic, but that's just me. As for everyone else, I think they look really good and I'm very happy HER is including Brenda and Dierdre and Chief McGinns. I can't wait to see how HER pulls this game off because it's definitely going to be different (especially if Nancy's in jail. Hopefully it'll only be for half of the game. Maybe it'll work out like SSH, how the REAL incident doesn't happen for a while, then Nancy will be in jail so we'll still get to explore as her.) ASH looks amazing!!



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                I think one thing that we have to remember about these character profiles is that the photos of the characters are simply screencaps (with the exception of Ned which looks to be more of a sketch/pre-made graphic). So some characters may look better than others due to the setting they are in (lighting, background stuff going on, etc) along with the action they were doing. If they were just listening they would be more still making them less blurry. If it was a cap of them when they were doing an action like talking it would make it a bit more blurry. The features on the Cheif's face look more defined probably because his background color is so much lighter (pinkish) than the others, which makes the shadows and light on his face stand out more. As for Toni the glare on her glasses makes her look way more realistic because that's how a real person would look.

                I'm absolutely so happy that HeR finally gave us the game we wanted with all of the characters we have been asking for (at least 90 percent of them)! That being said, I do have a bit of an issue with the way they've changed Bess. I LOVED Bess in Cre with the exception of her hair but I could live with that. I almost feel now as if they have cheapened Bess by making her more 'mainstream' aka making it look like she's dropped a good 50+ pounds or so.

                But, as I said before, I'm just so happy that HeR is giving us this game and letting us see some of the characters we have all wondered about.

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                  I have mixed feelings! Some I like, some I don't.
                  Brenda: She's okay, but something about her makes her look too animated. not really nancy drew game-ish.
                  Dierdre: I don't recall reading anything about her in nancy drew books, but anyways.. I think she is pretty. only complaint is her eyes looks kinda creepy
                  Alexei: I think he definitely fits the character that owns a antique shop. I just don't like his name and in the teaser he looked extremely skinny.. like everyone was like woah
                  Toni: I like what I see so far! No complaints!
                  Ned: I like what I can see... I have theories about why we only have a cartoon picture: 1. because they want to keep his real looks a surprise, and the cartoon is just the picture on nancy phone or something? 2. we might not actually see him, just play him, and maybe thats just (again) the picture of him on nancy's phone? So yeah
                  Bess: Ok.. she is very pretty but I do not think it fits her character. She is way too skinny to be bess, and I don't like it when HeR completely remodels a character looks, like they did with the hardy boys. It really doesn't look like her at all (to me). I thought the bess in RAN fit her character to a T.
                  George: George: Again, I don't like how they remodeled a person. I really like her looks in RAN so much better. She also looks 2D.
                  Chief McGinnis: Perfect! exactly how I imagine him! A little 2D looking, but that's my only problem with him!

                  Sooo I'm really excited, I just had some complaints, but I think I'll be okay because I am extremely happy were going home! Yayyyy
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                    Oh wow, so many characters! I can't wait to see them in the game!!! The whole mystery over Ned is really interesting, but I'm kind of annoyed about how much Bess changed. I mean, overall George doesn't look too different, almost as though she's the same person but just in a different style from RAN, but Bess just looks, I dunno. I agree she looked kinda weird in RAN, and she does look more stylish now, which is supposed to go along with her character (right? XD), but she looks so much thinner that she seems like a totally different person. She just seemed warmer and friendlier before, and there's also nothing wrong with being a little more full-figured. Wasn't she described that way in the books? :/

                    Regardless of the changes, I still can't wait for ASH!!
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                      Wow! Let me start by saying thanks Her for posting the trailer and character profiles the same week.

                      I love how Her made 8 characters. However, if the graphics are like the trailer, it will be a step down for me. The characters look a little cartoonish in my opinion. (Especially Brenda Carlton and Alexei Markovic.)

                      In CAP and SAW, I thought the graphics were amazing. I figured the pattern would just continue for ASH, but I'm not so sure now. I still am really exited for this game, and I'll buy it no matter what.

                      As for Bess, George, and Ned...Bess looks a lot better now than in RAN. George looks a little cartoonish too, and I'm not sure I like it. I'll have to wait and see during the game. Ned is just a sketch, so I can't really rate. I guess we won't really be seeing him. Just playing. We'll see how that goes.

                      Overall, I'm half and half with the characters. I don't LOVE them but I don't hate them either.

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                        Originally posted by luckyeclipse View Post
                        Chief McGinnis: Perfect. And the look on his face... priceless. Pure McGinnis.
                        Ha, that's what I thought! He looks exactly as I imagined him! Bushy moustache and eyebrows, with an intense look on his face. As you said, perfect!

                        Originally posted by luckyeclipse View Post
                        Anyone else notice that Deirdre and Bess both have the same background in their pictures? It looks like they're both at the ice cream shop.
                        Yeah, I noticed that, too. I was trying to think where they could be. It looks like an old building because of the bricks, and they seem to have green and brown felt things behind them? Heh, don't know if any of that made sense right there...
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                          Okay, time for my thouhts on the characters so far, as others have previously done (:

                          Brenda--Not a huge fan. I think she looks a little flat; almost like a somewhat better quality Sim. I just hope her movement's more interesting than in the teaser trailer.

                          Deirdre--Looks nice. No complaints so far.

                          Alexei--Seems interesting and fun as well.

                          Toni--Ice cream parlor = cooking minigame = kcool.

                          Ned--I agree with others that the sketch probably means we wont be seeing him which is fine with me. Not a huge fan of how he looks in the sketch though. Looks like a younger highschooler rather than someone Nancy's age.

                          Bess--I like this better than in RAN. In RAN she also seemed a bit too young for how she's supposed to be.

                          George--So glad they changed her up. My dad was looking over my shoulder when I was playing RAN and commented saying "Is that supposed to be George? Isn't she like Nancy's age? She looks and sounds like a mom..." which I agreed with.

                          Chief McGinnis--No complaints here.

                          Overall, I think the problem with this is what I feared. I feel like HI is trying too hard to get all the River Heights elements in there and not focusing on actually getting interesting characters in there. I'm always looking for someone to be the comic relief and I'm afraid HI is going to try to get Deirdre to be that which I think is going to be too much Lori Gerard humor which, to be honest, isn't the best. I loved the people in CAP for the quirky personalities and odd comments, but these just seem sort of plain and too realistic. I know we want realism, but if you want humor and interesting plot, you want people who are just outside the realm of reality in order to get interesting responses and actions.

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                            Originally posted by HintMaster11 View Post
                            I like George's new look. Much better than her look in RAN. Still wish her hair was curly (because that's how I picture her).
                            I very much disliked Bess's appearence in RAN, and it looks like her new appearence will be better, but she looks a little old. (Older than 18, anyway).

                            They're probably keeping Ned's 3D appearance a secret. For now, at least.

                            All the other profiles looked good!
                            I agree with you on every mark - curly hair, Bess's age, even the Ned thing

                            I like the way the characters look, and am excited for this game.


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                              I have kinda mixed feeling about the characters profile, I really liked a couple but I disliked a couple too.

                              Brenda-I think she looks good, she looked extremely Sim-like in the teaser trailer, which I really don't like at all, but she looks a really great here. I'm super excited to meet her. She seems to be standing in some sort of security room? Maybe we'll get to spy on people!
                              Deirdre Shannon- Out of all the charterers appearances in ASH so far, she's my favorite. :)
                              Alexei Markovic: Very grumpy looking, I don't really have an opinion on him.
                              Toni Scallari: She is very realistic looking, not much to say about her but I have a feeling she'll have a pretty big storyline.
                              Ned Nickerson: I like how he looks 2D, he is very handsome and happy looking!
                              Bess Marvin: Something about her expression doesn't quite say "Bess" to me, however, she's very pretty and real-looking.
                              George Fayne: George is who I had the real problem with, she is extremely 2D looking, she looks as if she would appear in a dossier series.
                              Cheif McGinnis: He looks great, his expression is so Chief McGinnis .

                              All in all, I'm really pleased with the characters, they all seem interesting and I'm really excited to meet all of them! My main complaint is, all of their animations look really different, some of them look like they have in previous games, which I like, some of them look as if they are Sims, some of them just look different than I am used to in ND games. The graphics in CAP were perfect.

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                                Originally posted by vitaminmc View Post
                                i think her made mistak and he is disposed to be toni and toni is be alexi.
                                It's not a mistake. Alexei is a male name, and Toni is short for Antonia (as shown in her profile).
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