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→ is it just me...or is αnyone else NOT excited for the next gαme ? </3

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  • → is it just me...or is αnyone else NOT excited for the next gαme ? </3

    Hello. As a old ND lover, I realize that they are now trying to please us by taking what we say into consideration. (I mean that would be silly if they didn't..considering we ARE the ones to purchase them) I know mulitple people are looking forward to this game, and I'm happy you're happy. However, I would MUCH rather see a game in Australia or maybe India. I feel egypt obvious. I don't know...maybe it's just me. Any thoughts anyone ? Maybe to tell me I'm crazy for not being excited ? Thanks for reading. ♥

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    I'm excited, but not as much as I normally would be.... I was incredibly excited for ASH, but that was kind of a let-down a little bit... I do hope they make a game in Australia or India!
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      I am super excited! I love Egypt... it's my favorite and I never get tired of games with that in it. I like Greece too. I'd love to see ruins... Petra! That'd be really cool. Didn't we have a Mardi Gras one? I forget them all now...

      I know we had a lodge in snow and a ranch one. And a train one.

      How about a Christmas/Holiday themed one?

      I also love the haunted house ones... those are great! Amusement park we had. Also beach one.

      It's all good. I am very excited about the Egypt one though!!!!!!


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        PS my least favorite was the ones with ocean... don't like those much. Also, didn't like driving the car around myself. Like this much better.

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          I'm with you; not very excited. Yet that is. It seems I'm generally less excited for the summer games because we have to wait longer, that's part of it. The other part is, I've played many other Egypt games and didn't like most of them. Plus Egypt is starting to get overused (Like Greece). Don't get me wrong, it's a good location! But, I just don't care much :/

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            I know how you feel..I mean, I'm sure the next game is going to awesome, but, like you, I'd much rather see a game in Australia.
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              I like ancient Egypt, but I feel like this game is so....stereotypical. I mean, uncovering a cursed tomb? Hasn't just about every adventure series done that at on point or another? I really hope there's more to the plot than that.


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                StudyinScarlet echoed my feelings! A ancient curse, and stuff happening in Egypt, yeah yeah yeah. We've read countless books, seen multiple movies about the same thing. I'm not really excited about it, but I do hope they do something fresh and lively to distinguish. Otherwise, it's gonna seem rather blah, and unoriginal. There have been so many Egypt things in the past that it's gotten stereotyped, and bland. But, I think they'll manage to make it interestering. Here's hoping for a severe overload of the scare factor for once! :D
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                  I agree sort of... I just don't like the games that involve nature and non-urban areas. I just feel that there is way more to do in a city-based enviroment. Think about it, you don't go very far in a desert! I like games that are more involved. For example RAN, and CRE didn't tickle my fancy. But it isn't so much that the game isn't in a city, now that I think about it, I just don't find settings like this very interesting. The plot and games are going to be so typical or rather predictable. They will all be hieroglyphic, tomb, mummy based with tons of artifacts. I don't like that which reminds me how much I hated playing Scarlet Hand. That is what worries me about a possible game in Australia, although going there has always been a dream of mind I can totally see a game only based in the outback, which Australia has so much more. Egypt is certainly not a setting I was hoping for. Greece for me is the same way unless they involve the plypics somehow... Just my opnion. But I am not giving up on it yet, maybe i'll really like, I'm just currently not a fan!

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                    I agree with you nearly 100%. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Even though I've been in love with Ancient Egypt and archaeology for practically my whole life, I'm just not excited for this game. I'm just worried HeR isn't going to do my beloved Egypt justice, like they didn't do Germany justice...

                    I should be ecstatic that they are finally doing a game in Egypt... but, like people above me have said, I'm worried they're going to make it very stereotypical. There is so much more to Egypt than Cleopatra or cursed tombs or pyramids. I hope they do their fair share of research and make this game original. Let's hope this game turns out better than the last two.

                    I'm sorry if this came across as rude or mean. If it did, I did not mean to sound like that. Just trying to get my point across.
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                      Well, I'm extremely excited about the game. I've been dying for an Egyptian game for a while now and I'm glad it's coming out. But I do look forward to games that will take place in Greece, India, and especially Australia! It would be awesome if we could explore a zoo in Australia and mess with animals and such. That just means we will see a lot more games. I'm excited to see HeR reach 30 games! Are there any other games that have that many installments in their franchise?
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                        It`s just You!!! Kidding,you`re probably just in a bad mood,and you will love this game later..


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                          I have only one thing to say about it... YAY!!!!! Nancy's finally going to Egypt!!!!! I have thought for a long time that she should go to Egypt!!!I'm so happy!!! I LOVE Egypt, mummies, pharaohs, pyramids, & tombs!!!It is high time!
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                            I've actually never been really into Egyptian stuff, so for me, it's a fairly new topic - I haven't really watched mummy movies, played similar games, etc. Just not something I'm interested in.

                            So I wasn't very excited when I found out the title of the next game.

                            *However*, after watching the trailer, it reminded me quite a bit of SSH, and I really did love that game. So I'm pretty dang excited now

                            I hope there is plenty to see, do, and explore. And I'm eager to be back to just one character (no more switching).

                            Sure, there are other locations that I would find more interesting. But hey, as long as we keep buying the games, HeR has said they'll make them - so we have plenty of time to visit those locations as well.


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                              I agree! I'm not very excited for this game. Egypt is just too obvious, and many mysteries are based there. I was VERY disappointed when the trailer after Alibi in Ashes came on. I wish that Her Interactive could of created a unique game based in a unique country like Australia, Greece, a country in Mexico or South America, mayba Korea, or maybe even a country in Canada! Nancy Drew, to me, is a home of unique mystery games, not obvious ones.
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