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Official trailer? Game cover? When?

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  • Official trailer? Game cover? When?

    I just want to make sure I'm right on this. There has been no official trailer or game cover released yet, right? It just seems like it should be out at anytime, especially if the game is released in September. Maybe it'll be released in October....
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    I don't think that it will be released in seeptember maybe late october early november? i don't think the news paper had a clue as to when the game would be released... the trailer or cover art hasn't come out yet to my knowledge
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      If my memory serves, new Nancy Drew games that are released in the fall usually hit stores in October. We should know more about DED (and when we can preorder!) in September.
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        I've been wondering this too. My this time last year, we already had cover art for ASH, and preorder dates had either been set or were set in the last week of August(I think).

        I'm guessing they've been spending a lot of time of kickstarter and so it has delayed them releasing information about DED. I'm really hoping it doesn't come out in after October 16th, which would probably be about when it will release!
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          My guess is it will come out mid to late October. HeR is currently seeming to put all their focus into the Kickstarter project (although I don't blame them on that...they only have 21 days to go and they only have about $9,000...). Once the Kickstarter project ends they'll probably start promoting DED like crazy!

          Even though this time last year, ASH already had their cover art and everything, we have to remember that HeR didn't have a side project at that time, plus, that was HeR's big 25th game, so it was extra special.

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            Yeah...I don't think that the game will be released until October or even November. The game cover is usually the first thing to go out (at least I think so...), and we don't even have that yet. looks like it's going to be awhile.
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              Traditionally, I believe they release the game in time for Halloween. Not that their games have intentionally anything to do with that holiday, but it seems they come out right before the end of October. I'm thinking we will get at least the cover art any day now. And since we're almost into September, I would think they would also line up the pre-orders pretty soon. At least I'm hoping. ~Jas

              I just saw on the Amateur Sleuth Blog that HER posted yesterday that they are in beta testing for DED. So any day now for more info! Yea!
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                I agree with everyone. With the new kickstarter going on, I think the release date has been pushed back a bit. But not that much. It may be around the middle of September when they start the Pre-Order for the game and then it would be released in October.
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                  The Amatuer Sleuth blog posted this yesterday: "The Deadly Device cover art, release date, pre-order date and more will be announced on Monday!" Yay so excited!!


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                    To go along with what ctinkaty said, Little Jackalope also posted on the Amatuer Sleuth Blog that the cover art will be released either at the very end of August or the very beginning of September. This week's weekend puzzle also has the date of something as the answer, possible the release date.

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                      Acually, the cover art will be released on Monday.

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