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What do you think of DED's Cover Art???

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    I like the cover art. I'm not crazy about it but it's pretty cool. The lab looks interesting. Retro-- like it could house Krolmeister stuff. Can't wait for the game!! ~Jas
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      At first I thought it was kinda dumb, especially since i was at school and couldn't wait to get home all day to see it. I think this is the murder victim but we can't be sure of that. I mean It could just be symbolic of the danger waiting for you if you mess with the deadly device. Like for example, TMB's cover didn't really relate to the game, also CAP and SAW. We can't always judge the outside before we play the inside.
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        As to be expected, it's very beautiful and eye catching. Why is Harry Potter on the cover, though?
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          I like that coverart, but I believe it could have been better. The game just emits such a mysterious vibe- very TRT to me for some reason- and showing a person on the cover just ruins the mysteriousness of it for me. I'm not sure who that person is, whether a suspect, victim, or random figure, but I wish we didn't seen him smack-dab in the middle of the cover. Maybe if he were lurking in the shadows...... I don't know. I do like the electric blue color though! I already imagined the game a lovely, shocking shade of neonish blue. Perfect in that aspect.
          No thanks. I'll wait and hope for better things.

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            I thinnk HER is being couragous! I mean, making something thats so far off what they usually do is brave. Good for you, HER, for trying something new!
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