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Do you think we will get to set the clock?

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  • Do you think we will get to set the clock?

    On one of the screenshots the taglines say that "snooping through the research lab at different times of the day can yield different opportunities." Do you think we will get to set the clock for DED or will the time automatically change? I hope we get to set the clock. It makes for more interesting snooping. ~Jas
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    I'm guessing something like in STFD; where you can change from night to day, but it can change on its own if you don't manually change it :)
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      I'm sure it will probably be simular to SAW. And unlike the older games where you actually set the clock it will probably be managed with Nancy's cellphone.

      I wonder though, if you don't change it will it still happen automatically like in SSH?? Can't wait to find out!
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        I didn't even think about that! But yeah, I think we should be able to switch from day to night somehow. I'd prefer being able to set the clock versus just like picking day or night. It seems like lately herinteractive has been having us set the clock with Nancy's phone. I haven't seen the day vs. night format in awhile, which is kinda a good thing since I like actually picking a time to set the clock to much better.
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