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  • Spoiler Code Rules - EVERYONE PLEASE READ

    Spoiler Code Rules for "Game Rumors" Board

    Members are asked to please use the spoiler tags when posting spoiling information from previous games on the "Game Rumors" board. These will follow the same rules as on any other board--if spoilers are posted without the spoiler tags, a warning will be sent to the member who posted and/or quoted the uncovered spoiling facts. With that said, we expect most of the information on this board to be speculation and hopefully as few spoilers as possible will be posted. If possible, please avoid posting spoiling information, so that all members may engage in these discussions.

    When to Use the Spoiler Tags

    Please use the spoiler tags to cover information from other games: remember, not everyone has played all of the games and we do not want to spoil any details for anybody. With that said, general facts from the games do not need to be covered. Please only use the tags for information that has the potential to spoil information about that previously released game (per the forum rules, this includes "posting direct answers such as phone numbers, passwords, codes, answers to quizzes, game ending details, etc.").

    When Not to Use the Spoiler Tags

    As noted above, spoiler tags are not needed for general information about a previous game (such as known characters in the game, where the game took place, etc.). This is also true for confirmed information about the upcoming release from Her Interactive. As stated in the board description, this is a place to discuss rumors, theories, and information about the next games and therefore this information does not need to be hidden by the spoiler tags. It is up to each individual member to decide whether or not they want to peruse these threads, with the risk of confirmed information being revealed openly in discussions. With that said, as a courtesy, we ask that members forewarn in their posts if they will be discussing confirmed details about the upcoming game. This would allow members who do not want to read it a chance to leave the thread before having details spoiled.

    Also, just like with the other boards, please do not ever use the spoiler tags to identify a culprit. That information should never be posted anywhere besides the appropriate "Game Discussion" areas.

    How to Use the Spoiler Tags

    This might seem like a silly note: how to use the spoiler tags. But it is very important that the following format be used, so that members are prepared for whatever information is hidden within the spoiler tags.

    When posting spoiling information, please use the following format:
    • State before the hidden information which game(s) the spoiler relates to.
    • If you are listing connections from various games, please list all of the games the spoiler(s) relates to.
    • Post only the spoiling information in the spoiler tags.
    • As soon as you are done listing the spoiling information, please return to regular text.
    • If you need to refer to the spoiler again, please follow the aforementioned format.

    Below are three examples of how you may choose to format your spoilers:

    Example 1:

    ... I think this could be a clue to the next game:

    (DED Spoiler)
    *Insert DED Information*
    Example 2:
    ... I think that there are a few clues that tie together from TMB and DED:

    (TMB and DED Spoilers Below)
    *Insert BOTH TMB and DED Spoilers/Connection*

    ... General non-spoiling discussion ...

    ... Then, if you look at these two points:

    (TMB and DED Spoilers)
    *Insert New or Old Spoilers for TMB and DED
    Example 3:
    ... I think I found a few relating clues to the next game in a few games!

    (MHM Spoiler Here)
    *Provide MHM Spoiling Information*

    (CUR Spoiler Here)
    *Post CUR Clues*

    (HAU Spoiler Here)
    *Information from HAU*

    (CAP Spoiler Here)
    *CAP Spoilers Here*
    Once again, we do ask that posting spoilers be kept to a minimum. The "Game Rumors" board is open to all members, whether or not they have completed each of the games and whether or not they closely follow the information Her Interactive releases about each upcoming game. We want to keep this board as spoiler-free as possible, so that everyone can enjoy this board for its intended use. Please only post spoilers when they are key to your discussion--if your discussion can continue without posting potential clues from previous games then please try to avoid posting those details.

    Thank you,

    -- The Her Interactive Moderating Team
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