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Deep South and Sub plots!

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  • Deep South and Sub plots!

    I don't know about you guys, but seeing the cover art definitely got me more excited about the game! I'm hoping that this game is meant to have some big appeal to older players as well...which the cover leads me to believe!

    Aside from that, I also love the fact this game is set in the deep south. But I am worried at the same time. ASH, TMB, DED-- all had potentially interesting locations but for me, they didn't really deliver anything exciting. I think this is mostly because they didn't have an sub plots. It was all point A to point B to point C progression in the mystery, with little to nothing else for Nancy to do but solve the case she was given.

    Not that that shouldn't obviously be a focal part of the game, but I'm hoping that GTH will be similar to SHA in the way that the location itself brings back it's own history.

    Sure, there's the mystery with the Thornton family and the ghost, which will be thrilling I hope, but I'd like to see the location play a role. It's the deep south. The civil war? Slavery? (I'm not sure exactly what they could/would do will this to keep it completely appropriate, but like it or not that is a part of American history that deserves to be remembered; though, I do understand it may not be appropriate in the game, just an idea) Even sub plots with the characters and their own little problems/mysteries tying into the main plot would be much appreciated!

    So, all in all, I hope this game doesn't fall flat when it comes to the plot/characters. I hope there is tons to explore and uncover, not of all is directly related to the main reason Nancy is there. There should be little surprises along the way!

    If this game is structured anything like SHA, I will be a very, very happy camper! What do you guys think? Has there been anything hinting to you that this game will be more dynamic? (Sorry for this novel of a post haha)
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    Sweet. You got really good points there oceanxatlantic. Thxs for posting this!
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      I agree 100%. I loved ASH, TMB, and DED but they were lacking in the sub-plot area. I, like you, also would love for civil war refrences. HeR finally has a chance to iclude civil war history and if they don't take advantage of it I feel it would be a major mistake on HeR's part. I just have a really good feeling about this game. I haven't felt this way since SAW and that is still my favorite game. So if tGTH is anything like SAW or SHA it will no doubt be amazing!
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        I am a big history buff, I think history is very interesting. i actually dont know a lot about the civil war, so i would LOVE it if it was the historical aspect of GTH. im really hoping it is. personally i think the games that have a really well developed theme, whether they're historical or not, are of the best, such as TRT and DDI, because then there are many little subplots that can be tied in with the actual mystery. For GTH, im definitely hoping for civil war references and places to explore outside of the house and off the house grounds. and you mentioned SHA, i agree. if it is anyting like SHA (one of my FAV games!) then i will be very happy :)

        From the look of the girls outfit on the cover, it looks like it could be from civil war time. also, the yellow glow on her face and the fire in her eyes as well as the expression on her face, makes me think she possibly witnessed something happen in a fire that scared her, or she might have been in a fire but escaped. either way, i am SO excited for this game!

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          That's a great point about the subplots! I never really thought about that... Maybe that's why I disliked those games so much? I really don't know. All I know is, the last time I have truly loved a game and played it over and over again was SAW (and CAP comes in second). That's why I'm so excited for this game! It seems like its going to have all the elements that I loved about SAW...but at the same time, it almost seems a little similar to SAW. Familial issues, ghosts, etc. I know HeR never makes games that are truly similar (besides TOT and TMB, which seemed to me to be like sister games, only set in completely different settings). I absolutely cannot wait for this game! I know to some, ghost-related games are bit juvenile. But to me, its the exact opposite! A lot of game plots seem a bit far-fetched, but ghost-related games always seem really realistic to me...and they always have some intriguing history behind them... ;)

          And the Civil War was also mentioned. Deep South (probably Georgia)? Civil War? As you can tell by my signature, my obsession with Gone With the Wind is getting the best of me.
          No thanks. I'll wait and hope for better things.

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