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    So I've officially come to the conclusion that I'm most likely going to die waiting for this game to come out. I am SO EXCITED for this game. Looking at the screenshots just made me so much more excited and I literally can't stop looking at them. They are just so creepy and eerie and it looks like Thornton Hall is an honest to goodness haunted mansion. The way everything is just kind of left there, things falling apart, dust and spiderwebs, it gives me the creeps and makes me want to know what happened there because it obviously has a really dark and interesting history. I hope there's a lot of little hauntings like in MHM, too, because those scare me the most.

    The key features are also exciting! I'm not a fan of the Fast Forward Convo thing just because I like to sit through conversations and experience everything each time I play, but that's just me. But anyway, a moving statue?! Well, I'm pumped for this game! Can't wait!



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      Originally posted by loveadobie View Post
      Didn't work. I can't see them on my computer.

      Guess I'll just look on the tablet.
      I think it may be a browser issue. For me, it appears for Chrome, IE, and Safari, but not Firefox. If you can, try a different browser.

      The pics are gorgeous!


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        I am so excited! The whole wedding thing sorta reminds me of HAU though. Im actually excited for the fast fwd convo thing for replays because after playing the games so much I know the conversations and do not want to listen to them. The trophy room sounds really cool too. Did they move the preorder date closer too? I have on my calander that it was coming out the 14th of may but it says the 7th. I noticed some peoples sig's say the 14th also. I dont really like scary games but this one looks awesome!

        EDIT: The screenshots wouldnt work for me at first too with Internet Explorer but I X'ed off and came back and they were there.
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          OMGosh! O M Gosh! I can't even say how AWESOME this looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The disappearance of Jessalyn and the dilapidated rooms, the cellar, the graveyard, the crypt, it looks like the best game yet! I have such high hopes for this game, I hope I won't be disappointed! But I don't think I will!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I can preorder it on my herversarry! Hooray! I have to say I think I have ESP (JK I don't believe in that) I SERIOUSLY was thinking early on, "wouldn't it be nice that once we achieve a trophy award, a message pops up that says we got it? How awesome is that! It definitely will make my writing an award list easier with accurate numbers of how many times you have to do such and such, but then if everybody can do that, maybe I won't write one for this game... I don't know, I probs will, I'll just have to see. Although, I did rather like only knowing what the trophies are at the end of the game. I hope they're locked like the outtakes and credits until we beat the game! As for the fast convo thing, I don't really like that idea. I sometimes think, "Uggh Abdullah or Mason or Karl stop talking! There's so much talk to you about! Uggh! But really, that's what makes an ND game an ND game, or at least one of the things. Of course, it will be nice to be able to skip long monologues later, but I like hearing what they have to say even if I've heard it a thousand times. Of course I will use it eventually, but I really don't want to. I hope there's a way to turn it off under settings. I want to force myself to listen to it because I might accidentally click it when I don't mean to. Anywho, thanks for reading! I am more excited than anyone about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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            So exciting!! I love all of the new features too Can't wait!


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              WHAT?!! How dare they post it while I was out of the house Ican'tbelieveImissedit!!! WHERE?!!! Ahhhhhh!! BERIGHTBACK!!!!

              EDIT: Woah, fast forward through conversations, that will come in handy when re-playing a game with a character that drones on and on and ON!

              Disapears before the wedding? Sounds familiar... I wonder why? (HAU maybe?)

              OOH track your trophies sounds so cool!!!

              EDIT AGAIN: Black Rock Island? So it's in Illinoise not in Georgia!!

              EDIT YET AGAIN: Maybe I should have looked at the page THEN posted! The screenshots remind me of CRY.

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                Wow - it looks incredible!!

                The pictures are so beautiful and detailed, I'm really going to enjoy exploring those areas in the game. :)

                The game description and information sounds interesting too!!
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