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MED Cover- a little too over-the-top?

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  • MED Cover- a little too over-the-top?

    So today I went on the AS blg, and it looks like they finally revealed the MED cover art! However, although the cover art appears to be really well done, I do feel like there are some aspects that seem a little over-done... particularly because Soony Joon's face is right smack in the middle of the cover.
    Don't get me wrong; I'm super stoked that we finally get to meet the infamous Sonny in this game, but was it really necessary to broadcast his revelation right on the front of the cover and put him on top of the medallion (after all, the game is called, "The Shatterd Medallion")? To me, I feel like SJ's face on the cover distracts the viewer from the main idea of the game and almost puts a new sort-of plot in mind. It seems a little bit cheesy...I was also hoping that his appearance would be more of a surprise, as I don't recall it being mentioned that he was officially going to have a huge role in the game.
    Nevertheless, I am willing to give this game the benefit of the doubt and sleuth on (I just might even preorder), but I hope the whole Soony Joon aspect doesn't take a turn for the worse.
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    Maybe that's the point though? I mean, we know almost nothing about the plot of the game. Maybe we have to assemble the medallion pieces for Sonny or something so that's why he's in the middle??
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      I think the cover looks really cool actually! It makes me more excited to play this game.


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        I quiet like the MED cover and its color scheme. I don't have a problem with Soony Joon being so big to be honest, he will more than likely play a big part in the game so it's relevant. Also its good for marketing people will see it and will be interested in the game.


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          I think the Sonny Joon cover is a lot more cohesive than the one for SPY. Better unity of color, image, and theme. It's eye-catching and makes me want to know more!

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