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    As with many others, Lani's voice is Nancy's to me. However, I remember when I first started playing Nancy Drew, I thought the voice was too old (this was with CAR) and it took awhile to get used to. While Lani's voice grew on me and I love it now, I can see why Her would want to change the voice. Lani will be missed, but maybe the new voice actress will grow on us like Lani did.
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      Whenever I hear Lani's voice, I am like "OH, that's Nancy!". I was surprised at the new voice in the preview. It, to me, sounded like a great fit for Nancy. I am excited to see what this new voice has to offer!


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        I was surprised to find myself tearing up when I heard the new voice. The uncertainty surrounding the games/company is somewhat upsetting, and the sound of the new Nancy provided no comfort for me. I understand that it's only one line, so I am happy to give the new actress a shot. The line is pretty simple, though, and she sounded neither excited nor mysterious to me.

        Lani has never sounded like a teenager to me, but that's okay. As others have said, she is the only Nancy I've known, and to take away something so familiar and constant at a time of change in the company seems like a very poor decision to me. I do wish the new voice actress all the best, though!
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          I think I remember hearing that HeR was going to make a big reveal about the new voice actor and they haven't yet, so the voice we heard in the ND33 trailer is likely a stand in.
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            I feel late to the party but I wanted to go ahead and post (please bare in mind I have NOT gotten the opportunity to read through all the pages and posts on this thread):

            I thought I had read somewhere (from HER or Lani or both) that they were not introducing the voice right away, that the voice we would hear would be more of a filler? I may have imagined that though.

            So, if that is indeed the new voice of Nancy Drew...I don't mind. I feel like she sounds like one of my friends or a peer at my university. It's new and different. What would we think it we had started out with this voice and Lani was introduced us as the new voice? I think that after the new voice (whether it be the one in the trailer or a different one) is put into a few games we will have gotten used to it (whether we like it or not) and it won't seem like such a big change.

            That is my own personal opinion though. So, please take it with a grain of salt.

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              I hope they introduce the new voice actress for Nancy in a video, like they did for Billie Wildrick. It would be nice to learn more about her and perhaps hear some snippets of lines, though I suspect this might be done closer to the game's release date.
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                i just finished SEA and loved the promo trailer for Salem, it looks so cool and I am so interested to see what kind of history aspect will be in it. However, when i heard the new Nancy voice I cringed. The actress sounded so flat, bored and un-mysterious. If i had been directing her I would have said to say it a little quicker with more force but in an excited, suspicious kind of way. Also, the new voice sounds like it could be any of the other girl character voices we've heard, it's not very unique like Lani's was. But, i'm willing to give her a chance since it was only one line and maybe in dialogue she'll be more Nancy-ish.

                I'm not thrilled at this change in voices as I love Lani as nancy, but I guess i kind of expected it at some point it. I have no issue with it changing, as long as the replacement is just as good as Lani, and I don't mean the same because obviously no one will be the same as Lani, but if they can keep that unique, chipper, go-get-em tone that Nancy should (IMO) have then it will be fine.

                But yeah, this particular sneak peak of the actresses voice was pretty unimpressive, but again I'm going to wait for more before I really decide. Also some people are saying it might just be a temporary filler voice so that's always possible.

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                  I never minded that Nancy's voice sounded older than a teenager. From reading the books, I was always under the impression that she acted a lot older/more mature than most teens anyways.

                  I don't mind so much that there's a new voice. It will be strange to get used to after growing up with Lani's voice as Nancy. I mean, I've been playing these games for 16 years so it'll be a big switch.

                  If the voice on the teaser trailer is in fact the new voice...the problem I have with it (from the one sentence we I realize it's not enough to make a fair judgement), she sounds kind of bored, and I also felt like she was trying to sound a bit like Lani, which defeats the purpose, right?

                  Regardless, I'm looking forward to the next game and seeing what's it's like.
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                    My hugely unpopular opinion is that I'm actually glad that Nancy is getting a new voice. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Lani & don't think she did a bad job voicing Nancy or anything.
                    Pamela Sue Martin was the first voice of Nancy for me. I want to say the second was Janet Louise Johnson, but not certain that's her name. Next was Bonita Granville, then Lani, then Maggie Lawson, then Emma Roberts, then the brunette that played her in a 1/2 show in the 90s (drawing a total blank on her name & too lazy to go look at the DVD box.
                    Needless to say, to me, there isn't just one voice of Nancy. Honestly, I feel it's time for a change. Also, if the player is meant to be Nancy, shouldn't her voice change from time to time to allow different players to more easily identify with her in different games? Of course, that could just be me being me.
                    I've thought a lot about this whole issue since the news came out that Nancy was getting a new voice. My opinion has changed a bit with more thought, but I've been ok wuth it right from the start
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                      i did not like her voice at the end of the game.

                      that was not nancy.

                      it felt like an impostor & it just isnt werking for me because i am too used to lani. she slays it!

                      if she wants to be the new drew then she needs to not sound like shes bored and reading a crosswerd puzzle to ha cats like hunty please!
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                        I agree Lumos she needs to have some kind of enthusiasm in her voice.


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                          I really do hope that voice at the end of the trailer was a filler. Like, it was one line, there is no excuse for it sounding so flat. Perhaps she was directed to sound that boring, but whoever's fault that was, there is no excuse. Lani is honestly too good for HER. They were lucky to get her early in her career before she became so well-known and they fired her. I will forever be bitter at this decision.
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                            Originally posted by Lost+Dreaming View Post
                            I really do hope that voice at the end of the trailer was a filler. Like, it was one line, there is no excuse for it sounding so flat. Perhaps she was directed to sound that boring, but whoever's fault that was, there is no excuse. Lani is honestly too good for HER. They were lucky to get her early in her career before she became so well-known and they fired her. I will forever be bitter at this decision.
                            said well lani aka nancy is my queen. she slays me and shes too good for this company that has gone downhill. honestly i think her is probs trrying to scam us at this point :/ first they forced katie to quit, and release bad games but we buy them bcuz we think they might be good this time. sometimes they r ok.. but usally they fall flat. all we have done is ask for classic game style back Why is that so hard????......... and now they remove lani. i feel assaulted and the new actress was so flat i almost puked ): no offense but it made me sick and i wanted to puke bcuz the nancy i kno and luv is being taken from me. i guess this decision shoes u that u can never TRULY trust someone. the games already taught me tht tho


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                              I don't think HeR "forced" Katie to quit. She said herself that she had other opportunities to look forward to.
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                                I just heard the new voice actress in the trailer of "Midnight in Salem", and I must say I really hope she doesn't sound that boring and "bland" throughout the whole game. I'm really sad about Lani leaving. I just signed a petition for HER to keep her. I doubt it will happen which makes me sad. I'll miss the voice of the Nancy I grew up hearing.