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  • MID Teaser Environment

    I made an interesting observation today after replaying SEA. I watched the teaser trailer for MID, and towards the end, there is a close up of the house that is on fire. I know that the trailer will probably be much different from the actual games (especially with the switch to Unity, etc.). However, I thought the room itself looked familiar. It looks like the developers may have used the same environment as the living room in CLK. The placement of the windows, the chair, and the sofa with the couch cushions all looked the same. I may be wrong, but they definitely look similar. Just thought that was interesting.

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    Oooh I just watched it again myself and I think you're right. The handles that hold the curtains back look like the same ones from CLK.
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      I guess that’s what happens when the game development takes forever... you get sleuthy! I thought it was a cool discovery.